Get Your Engelhard — On!

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Hi Stackers

It’s been a while since I scored an Engelhard, but today I broke that streak. Check out this great 1984 Prospector — the 80’s baby …fucking ruled!!!



I also got an A series JM bar and a sluggo with a mini-Morgan on it, all for base generic spot!
I love going fishing for this stuff, and I am sure I have nowhere near enough 1oz bars.


What a whole lot of fun for $103 Cad! A damn fine snatch I’d say! The bars I got from vbce, but I also hit up VanGold on my way home and pounced all over a piece I had sold long ago, and sorely missed. Check this 80’s WSM bar with iradescent skies and probably a bunch of cocaine residue all over it.



Lucky 13 hits again!


Hope yer all good out there frens! Keep it real, keep it smart, trust your gut and giveth forth no extorted fucks!

Cheers! from @thedamus


You rub you ass with that prospector round ? Man it looks like shit. But it’s still an Engelhard

Lol, it actually looks pretty good in person, all the tarnish really shows the relief — like taking a great dump! 😳😜🤣

Yes Captain ….💩💨🍺

In preparation for March I would like it to be known I have never played Yahtzee. 😄 ✌🏻

Really!!? Well you can start practicing by randomly shouting “YAHTZEE!!!” Whenever something good happens 🤘😜

Lucky, lucky 13!!!
CHEERS @thedamus!

“13” may just be my first bet in Vegas 😳😜🤑
Stack a $25 on the roulette table and see what happens 🤞🤩

Awww.... LV!!!

Vintage Bonus points!

And i’lllllll take’em!


That wall street 10 ouncer is bangin'!

circa Hunt Bros. era, nice to have 1 back 👍

"Braw swatchin' hoddin shiny 'att is!" 👍 -Keptin