Happy 13th Birthday Bitcoin!

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Hi Friends!

So 13 years have passed (Jan 3rd, 2009) since Bitcoin was sparked to life, and released unhindered to the world! From relative ignominy and esoterica it has managed to steadily climb in value and in adoption, until today, it sits with a hefty 1 Trillion+ Marketcap and has the Central Banks around the world scratching their heads and wondering what to do…

They will not figure it out. The old system has failed as is evident everywhere you look —> massive wealth inequality both locally and globally and assets priced in Dollars (and other fiat currencies) experiencing massive and in some cases hyper-inflation.

The jig is up! So dance a jig and buy some sats, it’s only going one way from here 🚀🚀🚀


Cheers! from @thedamus


☠️"Aye!, give no quarter! and no nickels, dimes, halves or Satoshis either!" ☠️

Planning to eat banks and fart Sunshine all ‘22!

The hell with banks. They fuck you atvtge drive through…..🤣😂😜

👊 Agreed! 👊

The drum beating gets louder, and louder @thedamus!!🤔
The Banks and traditional markets HATE crypto.....I see so many articles every day bashing Bitcoin....
Keep stacking shiny....and sats!!🤗

All the big media Neg is reason enough!
Keep on stacking amigo ⚡️👊😎⚡️

CHEERS @thedamus!


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