Hurts So Good!

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Hi Friends!

Well holy moly did SafeMoon ever get pummeled!


Like, A good solid 25% scythed off the top! Boom! Massive losses! Holy crap that was expensive!!! Lmfao! And tho it is true that I just “lost” an obscene amount of money in the last day on Safemoon, it is also true that I just ate up this monster dip like it was a bueno guacamole! This shit is super crazy and ya gotta’ just have fun with it. Personally, I am amused to see such a massive drop-off and suspect it has to do with Whales and their silly games right when a legit company is trying to make history. Who the hell knows?

But for a project that has literally 3x the number of unique holders, and a community that won’t quit, it seems to me that picking up even more Safemoon while it is cratering at two-and-a-half/ ten thousandths of a cent seems like a good idea…


We’ll deffo keep an eye on this one 🤘😜

Perhaps I am a fool, but both my research and my spidey senses tell me that this one could have some legs. And afterall, what-evahhh! what will be will will be. This one is a super interesting project— but hardly my whole ball & biscuit. it sure looks like a bargain right now.



Cheers! from @thedamus


To the moo....... ohh fuck!!!

Flasher sale buddy —> right up yer alley 😲😜🤣😂😂

If your stupid postal service would ever do their fucking job i could take advantage of dips…..🤬

Them sled dogs are fickle beasts!


The new World that is emerging is only for the Brave of Heart!

Ya it is hoz! Keep on truckin’ bro 👊😎

I'll take the blame for the drop. I literally just added to my position the night before.

Lofl — hope you added even more after that monkey hammer 🤘😜

…I did 😲😜😳🤩