Is It 1984?

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Hi Friends,

In George Orwell’s infamous dystopian novel — 1984 — the gov’t has seized all levers of power, outlawed privacy, demanded complete obeisance and applied malicious propaganda to all forms of communication. It is a horrifying story, and indeed a cautionary tale, about a society that has ceded its power and given up its rights to “Big Brother.”



Some of the themes and current state of geopolitics seem to be running along parallel lines, or at the very least, converging. And all you have to do for it to get any worse is to do nothing at all. To say nothing at all. To ignore the most basic and fundamental lessons of the past, and spout nonsense because that is what your affiliations demand. Just stop! Think about it! Say true things like: “personal responsibility is a noble characteristic,” or “I’m not sure that makes any reasonable sense,” or, “Cui Bono,” or, “fiat currency is designed to lose purchase power and thus impoverish the ignorant and neediest among us,” or my favourite: “stack like your (good)life depended on it.” Because it does!

Now I certainly have no immediate answers for anything, I’m still working my damndest on personal responsibility. But as each news cycle flies past with greater horror and frequency, and eclipses the focus of the one before, I cannot help but to wonder why people put up with it… Why do you put up with it?

But I digress…

I asked in my title if it was 1984 because I came across a shiny treasure that looks like it was minted yesterday. A few OGs May remember this hoarde from a post from a couple years ago, but I had forgotten about them… so imagine how thrilled I was to see 20oz of freedom spill out from under this cap:


At first I thought I may have pranked myself and loaded up the tube with generics, but when they spilled out I remembered my old drinking buddy the Prospector and thanked my lucky stars for all the SGS propaganda I have internalized over the years.


Trust your gut. Do the right thing. Be honest (with yourself at least…) no one is coming to the rescue. Work hard, play hard, stack hard. In a word: Engelhard

Cheers! from @thedamus


I like HARD!

noted. Ravens tend to prefer shiny and hard things.

ENGELROCKON! 🏴‍☠️🤘😁🏴‍☠️

OMG!!! No wonder all the BUs are gone! You have it all!!!!
CHEERS @thedamus !

OMG is right saver. These ones are too clean… they hardly look themselves at all!


I have few BUs of the American Prospector.

That ol’ boy will never let you down

Nice tube of beauties!

Too nice fat-e… tubes like that make me a hypocrite lol

I’d say 1984 is only one third of the story. Then One Third “Brave New World” & One Third “Animal Farm”


Definitely a proofs vibe 🙌

It’s nuts that these novels used to be considered far-fetched allegory…

Bit damn if you aren’t right about the proof vibe! I’m still expecting to find out they’re nickel-plated peonies 😳🤔😜🤩🤣😂

A full tube…..🤯

bro…they look like proofs!


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Nice and they're shiny too...

They look almost fake pc…


It's all in the lighting...

Nope… these ones would shine in the dark!!!