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Hi Friends!

I have big news! Even bigger than getting 2 ozs of shiny in the mail from Greece — our boy @trumpman came through, did the deed, sent the shiny and then got pummeled by postal services. It always sucks, but it is informative of whom you’re dealing with. And what I can say is that @trumpman actually gave more than two shits, and was prepared to make things right —> whatever that would have looked like if Canada Post had not finally fulfilled their obligation and mandate. And so, once again, Hats off to @trumpman! SGS bro-man sent the shizzle and upheld our long tradition of kicking ass and sending our friends precious metals in the mail —> can you realistically think of anything better to receive in the mail!!?

Ya ya… no one wants to hear your personal fetish — but we can all agree that stacking ounces and building your stack is right up there on the list of things to do.

Oh fer fux sake, I’m digressing again!

@trumpman is the real deal and I love my new SMLs. They will be among the first I sell — and so I love them all the more! But enough of this, yo @trumpman, keep doing all that you do, but endeavour to do it better! 😳😲😜🤪😂

…I’d say that to anybody!

Anyway, my big news is that i started a new job! For the last lil’ while i have been a “stay-at-home” dad, and butler, and chauffeur, and personal cook, and dishwasher and many other fine things besides. I love taking care of my family, and once I learned how to not pass on responsibility to others, but to just fucking do the work I have been happier and more at ease. I actively Do chores all the time and give no fucks! No one can tell me I’m slacking, and eventually, you change the world by changing other people’s standards by adhering to your own.

Second digression…

(14hrs later)

Damn, I can really run on at the mouth when I’m drinking. So I’ll cut to the chase.

The first bitcoin ATM to go live on planet earth was sparked up by Bitcoiniacs at a Waves coffee shop in downtown Vancouver — 900 Howe St. I was there! He’ll, I was outside looking in through the glass the night before!!!
Since then, I have become a franchisee (of sorts) and part owner/operator of 3 ATMs and work closely with the company in other capacities — installing several ATMs all over Vancouver and on Vancouver Island as well for instance. And now? I am working at HQ at the front desk in our tiny office. It’s great! It is a super niche job, and I’m perfectly suited for it.
And neither is it a well-paying job, but the fringe benefits are good, and the experience and knowledge gained, invaluable. So I’m feeling pretty good!


Also, VBCE (Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange, Richmond) is literally across the streeet! Talk about a dream job, for now… anyhoo, I bought up a fiver at Lunch on Thursday and then played with my new leggos at the desk. This is what it looked like:



A Moose, an Antelope, and three wolves for Maple price — Huzzah!!!

And finally, I’m sporting a moustache for the last two days. Started as a bit of a lark, but I’m having fun with it. So may keep it for a day or two…


Got gold? Got silver? Got Bitcoin? Got a Moustache!!? lofl

Cheers! from @thedamus


Yes, yes, yes, and... NO I don't have a moustache! But I heard old ladies with moustaches, hehehe!
CHEERS, @thedamus !

Well if you ever need some info re: bitcoin or moustaches, you’ve got a friend in Canada 🇨🇦


I believe in you @silversaver888! Go get that moustache!


@fat-elvis! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @silversaver888. (3/20)

Hell yeah, fuck yeah, not really boo hop, couldn’t if I wanted to….

To hell with the stache… get more sats!

I'm neglecting silver and gold in the name of BTC. Been adding as much as I can.. I'm good with silver, a bit low on gold, and fi d myself becoming a Bitcoin Maxi...

Hard to stack metals these days indeed!

Those are some great looking coins! I have silver and gold, no Bitcoin, but do have a mustache! 😁


3 outta’ 4 ain’t bad… but yer missing the most important one!


I have Hive. Does that count? 😆

@trumpman is the real deal fo sho!
And I think I understand what you're saying, he's part of the family...


I've been to the VCBE office only once, parking sucks a bit around there. But a Sweet placement @thedamus, I bet there's a pub crawling distance from there too.

Parking galore on our corner (100m from vbce) 🤘😎

Thx for well wishes ⚡️🏴‍☠️⚡️

Westminster & No. #3 Rd. Green circle VBCE, park at the corner!

Looks like you gonna be saving extra hard with metal with the new job and a dealer so close 🤣

Ha! Do i spend my paycheck AT work, or across the street from work?


Cool coins, Canadian silver is always nice! Bitcoin ATM's are a great business if you can get a good location. I looked into it once a few years back, but the federal regulations were a nightmare here in the US. They consider you a mini bank and you have to comply with ever statute known to mankind.

Nice facial hair, go for the full beard! I have one for a couple years now!

Thx bighigg! I grow out the beard often, but it’s mostly gray… 😢 fucking geezer that I am, lol — but my stache comes in as shown, so I just set it free 👍

Mine's mostly gray too, which is funny because my hair isn't gray. Just call me gray beard!

Not a bad moniker 👍 …my friends call me Fatbeard …well, some of ‘em anyway


Fatbeard... !lol

Why are dogs bad dancers?
Because they have two left feet.

Credit: marshmellowman
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can you realistically think of anything better to receive in the mail!!?


Careful what you wish for! 🙄😳🤔😨😱💩

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