Long Live the King!

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Hi Friends,

So it has been a hot minute since I have added any metal to my stack. To be honest, I have been more enamoured with the crypto space lately, than I have been with the muted thrills of stacking more ounces. I still believe that stacking precious metals, and particularly investment grade silver bullion, is one of the smartest moves an investor can make. But not the smartest… I’ll get to that last point in a minute. But in the mean time, I’ve got a couple fresh new 2024 Silver Maples Leafs to show off: Wanna’ get lucky, buy a Chucky!


And for double the luck and double the shine it sure made sense to me to pick up a couple of ‘em —> maybe bring some King Coin down to Vegas with me… and speaking of “King Coin” or maybe “King Kong Coin” here’s a little visual representation of my full on crypto boner:


Bitcoin is Deffo My King — even if by law ol’ Chucky boy is the (figurative) head of State here in Canada. And in fact, I’m happy about that —> I’d take anyone besides the loathsome Trudeau…

And so I keep my head down, gamble like a mofo on Alt coins, dream of the day I have an entire bitcoin safely tucked away, and then a couple more of ‘em to parlay into fantasy riches via the alt market, so I can finally come full circle and buy more gold: and then get a big-ass, honking Mr. T, Kilo chain!!!

Well, a kid can dream… but damn if those AI coins aren’t cooking up a lovely fuss!!!

Stack ‘em while you can, and dream big!

Cheers! from @thedamus


The only metals I’m stacking now is series that I’ve started. Trying to as much as I can into crypto before the run. Im not where I’d like to be but I’m grinding it out. You know my plan, looking for my alts to crush it. Turn it to USDT and wait out the drop. Buy some Bitcoin and my Alta back and hold.

Just bring some franklins to the party… we’re gonna’ whoop it up and smack it down!

Maybe this year we can play some Litecoin yahtzee 😳🤔😲🤩🥳

Just bring some franklins to the party… we’re gonna’ whoop it up and smack it down!

Maybe this year we can play some Litecoin yahtzee 😳🤔😲🤩🥳

I got Benjamin’s not Franklins for you brother. We sure are…. It’s gonna be great to see you again my brother. Can’t wait.
Dam that’s a great idea.

Someday, @thedamus, someday, you're going to hit it big! Do not forget me when you are rich and famous!
CHEERS 🍔🍺 @thedamus!

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Don't hate the player hate the game 🤣

@thedamus! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bitcoinman. (11/50)

That mofo? …gone b4 you know what’s what

Stack what you think is best... I know I am...