Merry Christmas SGS!!!

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Hi friends!

…and Merry Christmas!


Boy did secret Santa deliver this year! And I’m still kinda’ stumped about which one of you mofoz it could be — more on that later.

Check this out:


That eagle looks like it’s about to eat a friggin’ steak!
I like it a lot. Thanks Santa 🤘🎅🤘

But that jolly old soul wasn’t gonna’ just send an ounce… there was a card too


And now, check this out — somebody knows my druthers!
(…and my shirt size 😜)


Sock it to the Man, man! Buy bitcoin and eat the banks…with gusto! My secret Santa also knows that unbacked fiat currency is as bull-shite as a temporary Gov’t lockdown! And so, ol’ Saint Nick sent me some real deal Super-power! Check it out, why not have a little bit of a supernova in your pocket? And 1/200th of an ounce will do nicely, thank you very much — although I suspect this sweet lil’ number will find more comfortable slumbers in a more secure spot than my wallet 🤪🤪🤪
I have been known to drain it completely…

Looky loo…!




My Santa is a freaking exploding star himself!

…and I can see him now… in his workshop… doing one last very important wrapping job
…lighting up that yule log and huffing and puffing a big HoHoHo.

Thanks Santa! I was first surprised to find it under the tree as my mind has been on kiddos and stuff, and then I was doubly pleased to see all my wicked Christmas loot 🎄🤘😝🤘🎄

Next year I’m planning on being even naughtier!

Cheers Amigo!

And all the best to the rest of SGS — the shiniest group of asskickers on the planet!



Ho Ho Ho brother. Nice snagz from the fat guy in the red pimp suit.🎅🏻🎄🍺
Naught is always nice👊🏻

Good times buddy!

There is really one thing in this gift that gives your Secret Santa away completely… but I shall say no more or the elves might come for me before the new year.




What a haul!! Hope you and the fam had a special day broski. Silver and gold, just like Burl Ives sang about :)

Just get ready tooth — thar be a thunderinga brewing!

Awesome stuff. Love the shirt!

Yeah buddy! “Crash JP Morgan!”

I guess it pays to be naughty, there is no telling what you might get into now!


Sky’s the limit bro 🧨🤘😎🧨

JM's version of silver eagle looks as if he means business, sweet!

Merry Christmas @thedamus

Love that shirt man! Merry Christmas 😎

Yeah — me too! Gonna’ be edumacating all those who see it!

Yo witty, are you coming to Vegas in March?

Naughtier means more goodies! Congrats with the gifts!

I like the way you think rooster! 🤘😜

That is a cool looking 5 gold quint note, I'm starting to see more and more of these kinds of bullion notes, thanks for showing Sir.

Christmas cheers, @thedamus!

Cheers saver 🎄😘