Out of the Frying Pan!

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Hi Friends,

The nadir is upon us, the zenith ahead
You better head back to Tennessee Jed!

Well it sure has been a year hey? What the actual fuck!!? Many, many crazythings have transpired in my world: friends lost, opportunities gained, and madness both metaphorical and explicit seemed to dominate the landscape.


My dear friend ☝️ Larry, a fixture of my coffee shop corner, biz partner, and surprisingly close new friend was called home to the big house just a few short days ago…

My kids: no longer little boys, but something different and even more wonderful — if that is even possible.


And me n Mrs. D, kickin’ ass as hard as we can:




Anyway, last week I managed to pick up some new shiny. But truth be told, it’s getting g harder and harder to spend money on metals when, as I believe, we are about to see a massive crypto spike. But anyways, I’m a glutton through and thorough, and who could say no to some 1/2 oz Monikered shiny?




…and of course they’re pictured with my new Swan!

Reeeva la Derchi Amigos — this is our year!

Cheers! From @thedamus


I'm sorry about Larry, @thedamus !
Great haul of silver!!!
I wish you a happy new year! And to your family, the best in the world. Your kindness is a beacon of light. May the coming year bring you everything you deserve.

Blessings to you saver ✨🙏✨

Peace to you and yours my friend. Hope to see you in Vegas, also I do want to make a trip up north this year as well. If not to your town then at least to B'ham.
Sending big hugs and love to you and yours 💖

Happy New Year tooth!

Right back atcha’ amigo ⚡️🤘🤩⚡️

Vegas is looking’ better all the time 🕺

The times are a changing and very fast too, keep loving your family and stay alert Captain.

Keepin’ 6 with the other eye on the prize

I’m sorry about your friend and business partner bro. I’m hoping for a big year as well. Need to grab so more crypto before the run. Boys look great.

Keep kicking ass my brother…👊🏻

Thanks D 🙏 hope to be kickin’ some ass with you in March in person —> sounds like we’re gonna’ have to import our own coin show, so get those yahtzee rollin’ skills practiced up.
Hope you have a goodr in ‘24 buddy — getting old ain’t for pussies. 🏴‍☠️👊😎🏴‍☠️

Really got a way with words buddy 🤣 great post !BBH and a happy new year

@thedamus! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bitcoinman. (5/50)

Happy New Year @bitcoinman

You were made for ‘24 🤘🤩🤘

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We all love new shiny objects that are silver! Happy New Year! Those boys of yours are growing up fast, it's scary how fast they up...

The shiny sure helps, but damn!