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Hi Friends,

I haven’t been able to score any fresh loot for a few days now. But that hasn’t stopped me from having a little fun with my stack. I had tix for me and one of the other dads at my kids’ elementary school to go and see Guns n Roses. Good geezer fun for a couple old 80s rockers!
Anyway, I thought to bring a pocket piece, and there was only one choice (compliments of @fat-elvis)



All in all the show was pretty great. Alice in Chains was the opening act, and tho we were late for the start of their show, we did catch their famo song —>

Here they come to stuff the rooster, oh yeah

Whatever the hell that means! 🧐🤔😜🤣
Pretty catchy song though I must admit. Anyway, it was good fun: Hooting and hollering and shouting and dancing and drinking and swearing and, bothering nobody! T’was a fine exhibition of controlled lunacy that would be unacceptable anywhere else.


Rock on frens! 🏴‍☠️🤘😎🤘🏴‍☠️


You know where you are, you're in the jungle baby, and your gonna diieeeeeeeee
Rock on brother!!

…Yesterday was Tuesday, maybe Thursday I will sleep!

Still kicking pal o mine ⚡️🤘😜🤘⚡️

Sounds like a fun show! How was GNR's performance? Axl hasn't been all that great lately from what I've heard

Not like he used to be… but the mofo is in his 60s! And vocals particularly in BC Place can get a little “bouncy.” He was moving around a lot, so Probo out of breath. Slash was wicked.

Slash is always awesome! Axl is just getting old....

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Good bill. Man in the box is better. And also my theme song!!!😎😜

I’ll give ‘er a listen…

(And better than man in the trunk! Lol)


Cool moments :D

Good times we’re had all around 🥳🥳🥳

That's awesome, perfect show to showcase that piece at too :D

Yup… 😜😜🤪

Hooting and hollering and shouting and dancing and drinking and swearing and, bothering nobody!

I hope you enjoy the night, @thedamus !

Ninja geezer freakout in stealth mode!

Lol 😝 🥳😂🤩

These rounds ain't loyal can't be spoiling them like that 🤣

Well she didn’t set off the metal detector, so maybe next time I will bring in a flask 😜