Silver Belles!

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Hi Friends,

Remember when I was talking about selling Luna at $64 and buying back at $52? Well, unlike some of my other ventures, this one came back home to port, laden with silks & spices from the blockchain 🤩🤩🤩


Luna is on a tear! Up over 60% in a week!!! “Good God Magnum!” That is some serious Hawaiian Cheddar 🤘🤑🤘

So me and @uglyboy decided it was a good time to hit up the crypto ATM and buy some silver-tickets & cheeseburger vouchers with our speculative gains. And I must admit, even after all this time, it always feels like a win when the scurrilous fiat loot comes out.


Today we hit up “Van Gold” — a “sell your shit” brick and mortar that often has fresh (recently unearthed) booty. I got that ASE for Maple price and free airtight. Can I get another Yahtzee?


And then 4 x 2021 Kruggerands ‘cause they are 2021 and awesome, and I love them, and I think I want more!


But Fack!!! …ya’ gotta’ hold a little dry powder and cheeseburger money, and I still had enough to lay down another cad hunski for the following ingot of my lesser dreams


Truth be told, we also went by VBCE to see what they had, but besides the ordinary SMLs and such, they only had two, kinda bogus 10 bars, so we lit out from Reno and headed to a local institution for lunch. It’s a local BC corporate chain that has been around 100+ years, and they sell very decent “tuck-in” food, ever more veggie, but also, freaking amaze-balls cheeseburgers: like, think of the ultimate old-folks home squishy, crispy, cheeses, mayonaisey, relishy masterpiece with thin pickles on the side and fat, twice fried crispy fries — always easy on the salt. And the best part? You sit in your fucking car and they bring it on a long tray that hangs on your doorframe! 😲😜🤤 Lounge lizard paradise! So anyway, we each had a dbl cheeseburger and fries and a shake. And the bill was, before tip but after tax, $52 freaking dollars!!!
We left a measly $8 tip and slunk outta’ there on the DL, but fa-hock!!! $30 for a cheeseburger and a shake! Read that again: $30 = 1 cheeseburger + 1 milkshake
So now, how happy are you about your 3% raise over the last 18months?

Bacon is up 18% — and that sez it all imho

And so, ya better be doing something smart with those dollars you so covet, ‘cause they are getting inflated out of your possession — or more accurately —> their power is being siphoned away just as you sleep, drink and make Merry.

Better have a plan Stan, don’t be coy Roy, drop of the key Lee, and set yourself free…

Cheers! from @thedamus


Nice grabs can’t go wrong with those. $30 bucks for a burger and shake. FAK even in fake Canadian money that’s a lot…..
I’m trying brother I’m trying

Well at least the silver is still cheap 🤘😜

Some great treasures t' show, to the Promised Land!


silver hands
still feeling that burger .... wow what a shake
good times eating like kings of old

So excellent to not even have to get out of the car Lofl! If you get any fatter we’re gonna’ need a drive through silver emporium!