Wooly Booly!

Hi Friends,

As I mentioned in my last few posts I have been having a hard time stacking much metal lately because I have gone almost complete crypto degen. In fact, I keep thinking about which ounces, and how many of ‘em I could part with, to be swapped into digital assets. Even if I am sure I will never regret holding physical silver, I cannot be completely sure that it will out perform Bitcoin; and indeed, many of the better alt coins/tokens. However, phyzz metals do have their allure and going forward I will continue to stack them — even if I Jack ‘em once in a while.

And so for today I have some brand new shiny to bedazzle your barnacles. It is a Saturday and I’m working at the shop, but there is an outlet of VBCE right across the street! I mean, ffs! I work at a bitcoin shop right across the street from the best bullion outlet in the city. Hopefully my spidey senses are correct and my decision to save almost zero dollars (in favour of stacking loot, both shiny and digital) turns out to be a smart choice — ‘cause otherwise I’m doomed! Lofl

Anyway, a piece I have been waiting for is finally available, so I zipped over to VBCE and snapped up a couple, and another Chucky too.

Check out this magnificent beast!


What a stomper! I like this one a lot!!! King Charles III is on the obverse, and all the usual deets apply.



The silver Wooly Mammoth is No. #2 in the Canadian Wildlife Prehistoric series. The first one (Sabre Tooth Tiger) is pretty awesome too, but this one is my new, new fave. You likey Mikey?

Just keep on stacking the sats and the phyzz!

Cheers! from @thedamus


Awesome, I just checked and so they say they are IN STOCK as I write. I may stop by the VCBE Metrotown store to pick one up this Wednesday. Much Obliged Captain!

Right on! It’s a dazzler Raven —> I got mine in Richmond so I’d bet M town has ‘em too. And, M town is open Sundays 🤘😜
(Check hrs first tho…)

Yep, the Wooly Mammoth is No2.

CHEERS , @thedamus 🍻

They nailed the first two, that’s for sure! Let’s see what ‘25 brings us 🤘🤩

Glorious. Stack King Charles. Because I have a feeling a new King is soon... but, I have a pile to switch to BTC fairly soon. Or maybe the ugly duckling LTC

Yeah bro, crypto gonna’ really start flying aprés half-ski 🥇

I'm sure you already know that I think Common U.S. Coinage will "out-perform" Silver, Gold and all the Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin...

Yes, I do. I still think it is wildly implausible, almost certainly insane, and about the worst monetary theory I have ever heard. But time will teach us all and maybe you’re right!!!

It’s a good thing I collect change for smokes I guess. 😁👍

You'll be shocked to find out what you could have done with $50,000 in Common U.S. Coinage...lol... Bitcoin would have to go to 100 Million Fiat USD's each...???

I’m no hater… If what you describe occurs, then I’m still gonna’ be in a good situ even if local panhandlers and coin collectors are my new overlords.
Rock On PC! ⚡️🤘😎🤘⚡️

The $50,000 in Coinage will be nice by itself, but it's what I will do with it, that will be the key...

What are you going to do when you’re rich like Bezos?

I'll probably look back and smile...

I really like the Wooly Mammoth coin. They did a nice job with it.

Yeah man, it’s one of the better 2ozers I’ve seen — excluding the Queen’s Beasts that is.

And then that's real nice I want one and it's a 2 ozer 😍 !BBH

Yeah amigo, it’s a real good hefty piece 🔥

@thedamus! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bitcoinman. (13/50)

Those are awesome!

@thedamus! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @thebighigg. (9/50)