To my special friend

in #sirmiraculous6 years ago


How can i describe you, you're always amaizing, jovial, a right friend at the right time for me. You always amuse me with the way you handle issues, even if its so hard to handle, you've been a brother from another mother to me. The time ee shared, I've never regretted meeting and having you in my life. You've been a source of moltivation to me. I cant just write it all. A tall handsome looking guy, if a female friend i don't think I'll be able to resist your charming face that calla for love... Its all about you today sirmiraculous, its your day, your born day. Am always happy that i met you. Bro more money to your account, more steemdola and steempower for you. You're a boss worth painting world for. Happy birthday bro, more success for you, may you never lack anything good. Thanks for been part of my pictures