beautiful drawing, the shadows on the roses give a realistic touch and the way you drew your hair is what I like the most

Thanks. I really like working with ink because of what you just said.

I agree! Thanks for sharing the drawing.

Hi, @salty-mcgriddles! I’m Kailin. Your art look beautiful. I was upvoted and followed you

Oh thank you!

Thanks for the kind compliment

I miss your art work :/ Time to show us something ?

More on the way. I'm working on a few things right now. Mostly reworking older pieces. I don't think people would be very interested in it. Also, art camp in a few weeks. I may blog how the camp goes. Thanks for following! Keep checking. I'll have something new soon.

Oo so nice to hear that 🤗 see you in a few days 🍀