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Theme :

  • Education System


  • You have to make an entry post with this title "SKETCH DRAWING CONTEST #10, THEME : EDUCATION SYSTEM"
  • Only black or ash based colors are allowed. Make a good art without using any other colors.
  • You must Upvote and Resteem this post. I may not remind you that, You have to do it on your own responsibility. If you dont, then you will not get your reward.
  • No digital drawing is allowed.
  • Your first tag must be #sketchdrawing.
  • You must give at least 2 under process step by step picture of your drawing.
    *One participant can post only one work.
  • Your time is up after 72 hours from now.
  • Dont edit your entry.
  • Winners will be announced on the fourth day.
  • I will need at least 3 entries from different participants to make the contest successful.


1st prize 0.300 sbd.
2nd prize 0.100 sbd.
Every accepted post will get an upvote from me. I will resteem the posts I liked. Some participants may get mini reward. Sorry for decreased reward !! I need more support to continue the contest for long time.

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