Skyworth Google TV Product Review

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What is Google TV?

Google TV is the latest Google system is an update based on Android 11 introduced by Google. Compared to Android, the Google system is designed exclusively for TV users. Google TV is;

More convenient home page:
Delete App icons, Add the top guide bar. Can open Apps on the home page.

Easier interactive menu:
Integrate TV and System setting into one page.

More intelligent user experience:
Intelligent content push, seamless viewing across devices, child mode.

Massive Resources
Google is the world‘s largest network platform, with 8,000 +apps serving more than 190 countries and supporting 1 billion+ ecological devices. Cloud games, Google Wallpapers, video calling, multiple login accounts, kids zone, and a variety of popular apps, if only you want to download, then you can enjoy.

Professional System

  • UI layout
  • Dual-screen Preview
  • UI layout
  • Content organized in topical clusters
  • Increase the top tab navigation bar, cancel the application icon on the left.
  • And the background is more immersion.

  • Dual-screen Preview

  • Presentation is more intuitive
  • The single-screen display of the setting interface has been upgraded to dual-screen preview, which is more intuitive and more convenient to operate.

  • Tailored For You
  • Daily Cast
  • Cast Play
  • Daily Key
  • Daily Manage
  • Daily Cast

  • Android screen casting no need for active Wi-Fi to connect. Cast your phone content into big screen.

    Cast Play
    Display iOS and Android screen casting channels together, users can quickly select the channel they want to use, and there are corresponding operation instructions, making screen casting easier.

    Daily Key
    Reserve a hotkey for the user, can be arbitrarily associated with the relevant Settings, App, personalized TV for you.

    Daily Manage
    A feature that allows you to control the TV situation in real time, clean it on time, and ensure the smoothness of use, extend the service life of the TV to some extent.

    What is the Difference Between Google TV and Android TV?

    When it comes to user interface (UI) layout Google TV top navigation bar content is organized in topical cluster. While the Android TV left apps icon content is hidden within the apps.

    Google TV allows a dual-screen preview, makes presentation is more intuitive. While Android TV is limited only to single screen display.

    For library, Google TV mobile access to content which allow user to add to watch-list from Google TV UI or from browser via search. A feature that seamless viewing is allows across all your devices. This is not available on Android TV.

    Google TV has a feature called "Kids Profile" which separate kids mode, helping you guide kids to age-appropriate content. And the "Ambient Mode" which allow user to select their favorite Google Photo to enjoy when TV is idle. Those feature the Kids Profile and Ambient Mode is not available to Android TV.

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