Burn post - 6th March

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Good evening buzzers, we're already marched into March! We can't keep up! The bulls are running the prices are rising and the sloths keep on burning!


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Bulls! Sloth Bulls! Slow and steady went out the window BTC rushed to ATH's, how long will it continue? Is this just the start of the cycle or are we already nearing the end? Let's continue our journey of burning tokens on Hive. Let's hope it brings more interest into socialfi and users to Hive.

We're always looking for more communities to burn with, so let us know if you want your token/tag added to the list!

Whilst you're here, have you tried the new Sloth.Buzz site yet?
All your favourite Hive communities and creators, plus find fast-paced, short-form content like Waves and D'buzzes from the 'decks' page!

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The main goal of this account is to BURN tokens! The benefit of doing so on Hive, using a "normal" account, means not only do I burn Hive tokens but also Hive-Engine tokens, like Slothbuzz

Total SlothBuzz burnt so far!


Richlist - @Null (Hives burn address) holds/burnt 646 slothbuzz!

More info:


Staked tokens to NULL show as 'circulating' but are technically burnt as they cannot be used.

What is Sloth.Buzz?
See Richlist and track the tokens yourself!
Trade Tokens via Tribaldex.

Plus here's a list of some excellent tools!
From Token 'dust' sellers, and auto stakers to engagement and tipping tools! - Link

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Buyback and Burn

Our buyback wall continues to scoop up tokens, some we'll burn, and others will be added to the sell side!

For the most part, users are snapping up $slothbuzz, tokens to curate the best content at Sloth.Buzz, plus tip content with the '!SLOTH' command as a curation tool to onboard more users to sloth.buzz!

Not only this, Slothbuzz holders have the chance to win prizes (several different tokens and NFTs) from the Discord Chatbot - SlothBuzz Discord link



Our buy wall is set at 1.16. We've added a 'safety net' buy at 1.15 to ensure we never have a day without an open order. The sell side is at 1.4 Hive.

We'll continue to Sloth and steadily raise the floor as we sell more tokens or as the buy orders expire!

We staked tokens to dhedge.slothbuzz and lolz.sloth to earn rewards as part of their defi programs.

Untitled design (44).png

Tokens that could be burnt via this post will rely on the Tags,
The main tags used will be:

Want to add more tokens/ Tags? Let me know and we can try to burn those too!

Untitled design (44).png

SlothBurn is an account focused on BURNING Hive tokens. Both Hive and Hive-Engine tokens. All Posts should be burn posts, so all author rewards are burnt! This account follows some curation trails to earn curation rewards and continue to power up to BURN more tokens!



I called the Tinitutus Helpline.
It didn't stop ringing.

Credit: reddit
@slothburn, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of holovision.cash

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