Artwork Inspired by a Youtuber and Instagram Artist (Artwork #21) | A Step-by-step Illustration

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If you've been following me and diligently reading my blogs every now and then, then I guess you know that my recent artworks are all inspired by Instagram artists. Lydia Fenwick is one of them. Today, I decided to make an artwork inspired by another Instagram artist, Hieu Nguyen. I've been following him on Instagram for quite some time now, and then recently subscribed him on his YouTube channel. Mind you, I'm not endorsing them.


I know this is not one of the best artworks that I've made so far but I still want to share it to all of you. It has a lot of flaws (you be the judge). There's no denying that I messed up, especially on the background and the "fragment" thingies. At first, I thought it would be smooth sailing but boy I was wrong. I was so wrong. Maybe because, I was trying to copy the way he painted his artwork and I wasn't sticking with my own way of doing things. Again, I still want to share it to all of you because this is a part of my art journey.

Ps. I tried guys LOL



All photos are mine and I used my Oppo A37 in taking these pictures. And the materials that I used were:
✔️ Pentel Arts Color Pencils
✔️ White Pen
✔️ Water
✔️ Tissue
✔️ Watercolor set
✔️ Paintbrushes
✔️ Eraser
✔️ HB Staedtler pencil
✔️ Berkeley watercolor pad
✔️ 0.3 Fine Tech Pen



I did the sketch.


I did layering immediately after applying the base color on the skin. While waiting for the watercolor to dry, I then started doing the background.


Here's the thing. The background was supposed to have a gradient effect- from blue to red/orange. Yet I just let the blue watercolor dry. When you do gradient you have to add colors while they are still wet, and well... I forgot to apply another color.


And then there's me being so clumsy, I applied red watercolor over the dry background and boy did it look messy and chalky. I painted the butterflies and the "fragments" which I think were also messy. Still, I went on and followed up details on the skin using color pencils and then did highlighting afterwards.


Lastly, I finished it up with inking.

GIF of the process

I made this GIF in Link to my GIF in giphy.

Final Product


Photo edited in Adobe Lightroom CC

I will gladly accept criticism so that I may apply it on my next artworks and be able to improve myself. Thank you so much. I hope you guys like it. 😊 That would be all, my fellow steemians. Follow me for more content. Keep on steeming! 😊💕


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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this is very pretty, kwenkwen <3 i love the flowy hair and the expression of the woman is so lovely and warm ! love the colours too, pink and purple are so pretty together <3 and i think you didn't mess up anywhere.... haha~ really nice picture <3

Again, thank you for being so supportive! :)

Wonderful!!! 🎨🎉
applauses for @kwenkwennnn👏👏👏

I see some Klimt influences 💙

Thank you @melooo182 💙 💙 💙

Great composition. The colors work very well. Great work! Keep it up!!

Great composition.
The colors work very well.
Great work! Keep it up!!

                 - pattoounlimited

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Very impressive! I love the hair as negative space!!!! I haven't unlocked the watercolor skills haha

Thanks to Hieu's artwork which I was just tryin to paint in my style. He does that a lot, actually. Anyway, thank you! Watercolor is easy if you put your heart into it. :)

I am not much of Art critique but your painting is flawless in my opinion.

Thank you for your opinion :) im glad to hear those words

Is the word hear even appropriate? Haha lol i think it should be read haha

That is perfectly appropriate because i get you :)

que bella composición, felicidades