Commissions Open +The Sort of my Story in a webcomic

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❤Hello everyone, welcome to my space! ❤

Drawing is something which I love to do and I’m so glad for all the support I get here on steem, it means a lot for me, being in this site had showed me that there’s people who enjoy my artworks.

My style not only belongs to illustrations, working with little webcomic is other way that I like to draw, most of them just doesn’t pass from sketch, usually I just make them for express myself

The Sort Story about my life now.

The thing is that lately the situation of Venezuela is affecting my family, life, getting sadder with the time passing by and I want to help them so that’s the reason I’m opening commissions.


If you are interested, please contact me for more info:

[email protected]

Fiver Page

Please I will be really happy if you commission me, my mouse and me will do our best in your request (yes I paint with mouse hehe)

In case that you can’t or just aren’t interested at all, please resteem or share to someone who would like it.

Thank you so much for reading ❤

See you in the next post!

All images were drawn and edited by @maryspace
All rights reserved


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I hope you can get out of that crazy situation... 😑

Thank you so much, I hope that too

Sounds like it is a hard place to get by in, @maryspace :( I hope you will get some commissions~ You have a really nice style :) And certainly this post shows off that you can do more than just illustrations but also comic arts !!

Good luck !!

Hey thanks for the support! :) well drawing comics is something I really enjoy just that it has a lot of work and I just waste time thinking and not just made them

I am sad to know that you are in a difficult position. I hope your family would manage to get through this tough situation and comes up stronger than ever. You draw lovely arts and let's hope that some whales also agree with me. Best of luck, mary.

Thank you <3, yes it’s really hard but I don’t give up (but sometimes depression attacks) and my drawings really help me to forget and feel happy for some moments