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Hello friends! Today I present the process of how to draw a character named "Lulu" from the video game league of legends.

Let's talk a little about this little yordle (race within the universe of lol), lulu is not like any other yodle for many years spent most of the time exploring forests, lost in thought and discovering great places, not that he did not like to be in the city bandle it is just that nothing could compete to a world of imagination like hers.

One day Lulu went to a clearing in a forest, where pix knew her great friend, spent a lot of time playing and when finally came out of there surprise! it had been centuries and when returning to bandle there was no one of those who were once friends of the little lulu.

Within the world of star guardians, lulu let's say that she is a little more crazy than usual, besides being the only one that can listen to the "first star".



  • The first thing I did was make a quick sketch of how more or less the pose I want to have this little yordle, use references to know more or less as is the clothes and accessories.
    to see the reference you use click here ----> LINK LINK



  • Once the sketch is finished I started to make the hair, undoubtedly one of my favorite parts, I always start with a dark base color and then with the "hair brush" tool (I will leave the brush configuration in the images so they can configure it and have it too), I do mechon by mechon always clarifying a little more the color until you get the desired result.

    (Here you can see the settings I use for the brush)



  • Now I dedicate myself to the accessories of the head, the headdress and the big blue bow that it carries.



  • It's time to color the clothes, taking as an example the references left at the beginning of my post try to make them more like how I would see inside the game I started making the pin with the big blue bow, then the top part, the details in gold with gloves and finally the skirt.



  • For the skin play a little with the shadows and lights so that the face and arms do not look so flat, I must also mention that use the tool "blur" to soften the edges of the shadow so that they integrate better with the base color .



  • Now comes one of the most important parts, give a nice expression to the character to give it life completely, as characteristic yordles have large eyes so I decided to make them a little different to how I usually draw the eyes.

After that I decided to give him a nice smile to finish, leaving a serene expression of tranquility, wanted to say on his face "I'll take care of you so you can rest easy".



  • The weapon of lulu in the game is a baculo, so I wanted to draw the baculo that accompanies this aspect of it, personally it seems very nice because the tip forms a heart.



  • Finally having the character ready is time to put the bottom .... And here they have the result.


"This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution 4.0 International License"


Really thanks for watching my post, I really put my heart in every illustration I show you and your support seriously helps me to move forward every day to bring you more incredible drawings.
Note: now I will implement the watermark in each illustration, "IllusPanda" is my page in faceboock :) there you can follow me if you wish.

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See you in a next post



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