My Arts : A character from Akame Ga Kill Anime Series : Najenda

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Here is another one of my skethes. I sketched it today !
Najenda from Akame Ga Kill anime Series. :p

It took me about an hour to completely finish it. I used 4B pencil.

Due to poor camera, the image is of low quality.

I am Sorry about that !

Again sorry for the poor image quality :p


Niloy is my real name. Rayne is the nickname I use.

Please let me know how much you liked it. You can also give me any suggestion you want.
I am always up for a challenge and I will love to improve myself to the point where I can call myself a professional artist.

Please be with me always :)


Nice art, dude! Keep it up. :)

I've got a suggestion if you're interested. You could try to draw Julie from Absolute Duo. :D She's my favorite.

Thank you :)

I will try to sketch her today. :)

Awesome! :3 I'll be checking your updates for when you post it. :D

I have sketched it finally. Sorry for the delay :)
Please check it out if you want !