and Veronica Vasicka is going to please me with her distinctive techno tonight :)

Wow you sound super busy right now working 80 per week. That's a lot. I haven't heard of Vasicka but I should check out her work!

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It's mainly sleep, eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat :) Hope you like Vasicka

Soundcloud is awesome I'm on there most days. I like mixcloud too, there are some great artists on there

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Mixcloud is also cool indeed, us it much less then Soundcloud though.

If you like edm/dance music check out and both very good

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hahahaha, gabber and hardcore, these are not my thing. But techno is, certainly not all techno, but the more underground style as I do like electro, and non-mainstream house, experimental and those kinda styles. seems not to exist anymore.

Sorry I gave the wrong link its sorry about that lol

cool thanks! will check this one, seems to be less hardcore/gabber :) has a few different genre sections on there too

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Ok, will also take a closer look at it :)