SMARTCASH: The Voting System - a video by Me πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’›

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Here is a Youtube video I made about the SmartHive... which is the decentralised voting system for SmartCash. SmartCash holders are encouraged to submit proposals with their ideas for the future of the coin, and all other SmartCash holders have the ability to vote on those proposals.

Merry Christmas from down under! Hope you're going to have some time to relax this week :)

you can learn more about SmartCash at

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Awesome, work, youtube celebrity in the making, watch out Dash Amanda...

For those that love the shirt, it and more are over at

Thank you for the excellent and understandable video about the voting and management system of the #SmartCash community.

I hope that after this video there will be more new and interesting proposals that will inevitably lead the #SmartCash community to new successes and heights.

thanks so much @komersreal I'm glad you liked it - yeah I would love to see more proposals happening! :)

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Excellent video, great work explaining this wonderful tool that represents SmartHive and SmartVoting. By the way, I subscribe to your YouTube channel, I did not know you had one hahaha.

aww thank you @vieira, haha well I haven't really uploaded too many videos before, just a couple for fun... but I am planning on making more SmartCash videos so thank you for subscribing I really appreciate it :)

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Yes, I noticed, but really have a nice time watching how they practiced Sky, here in Venezuela, where I live, there is no such thing. Successes with your videos

Very nice! I ejoyed watching. I own a bunch of Smart Cash, but haven't voted on anything yet. I'll check it out. @ironshield

aww thank you @ironshield :) Glad you're going to check out the voting site!! :)

Awesome work.

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Very nice video! You are doing a great job for SmartCash community, thank you @hannahlicious!

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