The original SmartCash Merchandise Store

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Hi All it has been a while since i posted, being busy with team smartcash and Hive Team duties...

Smartcash is the first thing i think of when i wake in the morning, simply because it aims to achieve what i believe is needed in the world from a currency and integrity perspective.

It was to this end i wanted to provide a simple store that gave people the option to purchase SmartCash merchandise with the ability to pay in SmartCash, my small contribution to the making of SmartCash usable within the community to buy goods.

Whats behind the name ?

In the first 2 months of SmartCash as the first proposal to vote on, Hive member @slpin put forward a proposal for giving each smart holder a name. The name proposed was "Smartie" the proposal won the votes needed and the rest is history.

So the name of the first Smartcash Merchandise store had to honor smartcash holders, and hence Smartie and Shop came together to be

Each of the Hive Members have been asked to suggest a design / clothing item they would like to see in the store, and as they respond i have been adding there inspired design to the shop.

I am seeking feedback from the community on what designs or themes they would like to see, as i really want this shop to represent the community so feel free to find me ether here on steem, discord or even the forums and share your idea's.

I will be doing another article on how to put together a simple web shop that accepts SmartCash in the future, and the best part it didnt require coding skills, just configuration of existing software and plugins, so for the tech savy it is alot easier then some might think.

Until next time, you know what to do, upvote, comment, re-steam and follow if your are not already, Cryptolize out......


I really like your idea! looks great! I hope the will grow and become very popular! 😍

first lol

Good work, of course I imagine that you should wake up thinking about SmartCash, it must be a lot of work. I visited the store and it looks pretty cool. You will need more products and accessories, but it is very good to start, you really contribute a lot to the community and the SmartCash team. Thanks to this type of initiatives we can see a future like the one you described to me:

A world were we encourage the good, and strive for win/win financially beneficial dealings, where each person has a say where voting is transparent able to be audited it would be a SMART world.

Good job, thank you very much!

Some nice design on the shop! One question, where are these clothes made and are they organic?

@cknr7 they are made either in USA or UK depending on where you purchase from. each of the clothing items list there material. i can probably source items that are raw cotton, id have to look into it further.

Thanks for your reply! I found this company based in UK if it can help you for better sourcing:

Great merch)

I imagine one of these days, @hockleyj become multi billion dollar online business, an E-Bay and Amazon killer:-)...

interesting, we shall see what is possible with the help of the community...

Anything is possible @hockleyj as long as the community unites.

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So cool.

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Nice idea and execution, and is great that you gonna share how to do our own shop that accept SmartCash.

Thank You.

This looks like an interesting idea, I'll have to see if anything catches my fancy :)

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more success in smartcash,
more holding for future
and bring more people to hodl smartcash,

it will go $1 more, it only takes time..

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