TEAM SMARTCASH on Steemit: Weekly Update and Prize Winners

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Welcome to another Weekly Update from Team SmartCash on Steemit!

Current Reward Structure:

450 SMART for Team SmartCash Banner of the month
30 SMART per article up to 4 articles per week
300 SMART for best article of the week
70 SMART for Team SmartCash MVP of the week

Reminder: Rewards payouts will only be made for original content. You can also translate other's posts into another language, with permission from the creator of that post.

Best Article of The Week

The post of the week and 300 SMART goes to @lukestokes for his awesome post about how to vote for SmartCash proposals! I hope this encourages more people to get involved!

Team SmartCash MVP

Winner of 70 SMART for being the best team player is @teutonium for holding his SmartCash Giveaway

Who Is new to Team SmartCash on Steemit?


Want to join the Team? Let us know in a comment down below!

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Hi Smartypants! I have a wallet already and have partnered in some nodes. Still very new to smart cash ecosystem but very interested. Please add me to your list and i will post here if i think it is appropriate. Thank you. Go Smartcash!!!

The next bull run should be fun!!

Hello, i was shared this link by a fellow smartcash hodler.

Smartcash lover andDiscord operator using tipbot on the server. I would like to join this group and stay up to date with everything and also make posts about the community smartnode pool i run, currently holding 5 nodes with plans for a 6th soon.

Smartcash to the moon mofo

Thanks Team SmartCash! I'm going to keep doing my SmartCash Weekly Giveaway, with this sort of tip I can make the giveaway even bigger :) Because giving is just as important as getting.

Hopefully we can grow our SmartCash wallet number to a greater number then bitcoin wallets!


I want to participate. Example write article and get smart cash. Can I just start and link my articles here or how to do?

You have to be part of Team SmartCash, tbh i can't remember how i joined since it has been some months, but I think I asked around discord, so you can go and check it out, there is a team-smartcash subdiscord channel, maybe ask in there.

Discord link:

If i'm not mistaken, asking on this post is also ok, someone will see it and add you to the team, but don't quote me on this one

Thanks. I will contact them

Congrats to all this weeks winners 👍 I agree, it is great to be able to vote on how you want SmartCash to help the many new projects in the forum 👌 So that post will help many to understand the process easier, i'm sure!

definitely, will guild people through the usefulness of voting and their rights with their smartcash.... and how to utilize it as they are one community.

and congratulations to all winners 👏 👏 👏 👏

Hey #smartcash , I'd like to join the SmartCash team please!

you joining smartcash lol noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations to everyone, and also to winners, @smartcash its been long i got tipped hope i ain't offending anyone 😉

Hey @smartcash I'd like to join the team!

I think is arrived for me the time to ask officially to @smartcash steemit team to be admitted to the team!
"I would like to be part of the team!"

@smartbot balance

You have Σ811 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ0 SMART).

@smartbot address

Your deposit address is SMx3SxiZunbZBuxoYsSPfMmpLNWNAF9UrP.

ola, quero entrar no time smartcash!