TEAM SMARTCASH ON STEEMIT: Weekly Prizes, Meme Competition Winners and More!

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Welcome to another Weekly Update from Team SmartCash on Steemit! Thank you so much for another week of great content!

Current Reward Structure:

400 SMART for Team SmartCash Banner of the month
20 SMART per article up to 4 articles per week
275 SMART for best article of the week
60 SMART for Team SmartCash MVP of the week

Reminder: Rewards payouts will only be made for original content. You can also translate other's posts into another language, with permission from the creator of that post.

Best Article of The Week

Post of the week this week, winning 275 SMART, goes to @flauwy! @Flauwy has submitted a proposal to the SmartHive and shows a little bit of the work that is going into it so far. It is really cool to take a look behind the scenes at the design process for his animated SmartCash bee, so if you are unsure how the SmartHive works then go and check out @flauwys' post for an example of a proposal in action!

Team SmartCash MVP

Winner of 60 SMART for being the best team player for the second week in a row... is @marshalllife

Marshalllife had to win again this week for being the most engaged person on Steemit, he was commenting on almost every single SmartCash post, thank you for being awesome @marshalllife!

Finally... The Moment You've Been Waiting For...!

SmartCash Meme Competition Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the SmartCash Meme contest here on Steemit, we loved all your memes, but unfortunately there could only be 3 winners...

First Prize, 3000 SMART goes to @simplifylife

@simplifylife had several entries into the competition, all which were amazing quality!

We particularly loved the third entry which were Harry Potter themed! Find them below for your enjoyment:

Second Prize, 2000 SMART goes to @twistytango

check out the original post here:

Third Prize, 1000 SMART goes to @eeeps.sh7

check out the original post here:

Didn't Win This Time?

Enter our Banner of The Month Competition for a new image for the SmartCash Steemit page to wear and to win 400 SMART - Winner will be chosen in next week's post!

Curation Trail Has Begun!!

Joint the SmartCash curation trail so that you can help to upvote your team members posts! Streemian allows you to upvote whatever SmartCash upvotes to allow you to earn curation rewards without having to do the work, and ensure that yourself and your team mates get upvotes, even on days you don't open Steemit!

go here to join the SmartCash curation trail:

If you don't have a Streemian account then you can use this post by @hannahlicious to help you set one up!

Who is new To Team SmartCash on Steemit this week?


You will be earning SMART for posts that you make about SmartCash!

Want to join the Team? Let us know in a comment down below!

Join us on Discord! as well, you can find us in the Team-SmartCash-Steemit channel where we share posts and chat with each other!

To learn more go to and follow us on Twitter at


Congrats to all!

Enter our Banner of The Month Competition for a new image for the SmartCash Steemit page to wear and to win 400 SMART - Winner will be chosen in next week's post!

Smart Smarter Smartest SmartCash.png

My Idea of a Banner, @smartcash #smartcash #banner #competition

Great resource for SmarCash Graphics and specifications - SmartCash Graphics.
Find download link with editing feature here
Banner Sizes and Tool


This is my banner hope u like it

Cool looking banner!

Wow!!! smartcash really rocks. Its amazing the boundless opportunities that abound with smartcash. I totally believe in this protocol. Thanks @smartcash i see your tips on my posts. I am super happy!


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congratulations to all the winners :)

Thank you @hannahlicious, am a big fan of #smartcash and glad I joined.
Have a great day.

I'm extremely honored to win this wonderful meme contest!! Congratulations to all the winners!! Congratulations to all the participants as well for making this contest so competitive!

And welcome to the team guys!! Would love to see some wonderful articles from you guys.

Congratulations brother! You deserve it. =)

Thanks a lot man :D

Yay, thank you for the post of the week. Very much appreciated. Let's make that Bee a reality. :)

Congratulations all. The meme and MVP is wicked. Go smartcash!!! 😀😁😂

what's the banner resolution size ?

would this work?

This looks nice, quite neat and sharp.

congratulations to all winners, @simplifylife already knew from the start lol, and welcome new members.

Σ$$$ Tipped @marshalllife Σ60 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.072 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $4.32 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit

Congratulations to the winners, very good work, and excellent memes. Welcome new members of the community!

Thank you SmartCash team for this unbelievable news. When will I receive it in my wallet?

payment should be made to you by the end of the week :) great work! thank you!

Thank you @smartcash, still waiting

Dang it! Seems i am to late to upload my memes :( Nevertheless congrats to the winners @simplifylife, @twistytango and @eeeps.sh7! You guys really earned it ;)

I would love to be a team player... look forward to the chalenges set. When will the next meme competition dates be?

Congratz guys! love the memes ^^

Welcome new members..

Good idea of the trail, i was thinking about to hint that we could create a trail hehe. Will check Streemian and follow,Thank you.

@smartcash thanks for declaring me as a winner . How can I withdraw my winning to my account?

Congrats to all!.. for a winner, you are best,..

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Hello everybody, I Want to join the Team, I have a lot of time inside the crypto and want to boost SmartCash beyond internet in Spanish, of course in my region.
Like others, I started with satoshis but I see better future in this project.