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Not to be confused with the Team SmartCash on Steemit Weekly Update coming later this week... Welcome to "Your Week in SmartCash"

Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash community

SmartCash Community

Congratulations the winners of the SmartCash Community Writing Contest! You may view the winners and read all the entries here.

SmartCash Meme Contest on Steemit winners are soon to be announced.

There are eleven proposals currently open to community voting. Visit the SmartHive Governance Portal to vote on the projects.

This week’s featured graphic is “SmartCash: A Worldwide Community” by @Camakin.

Development Team

The network has completed the 1.1.1 upgrade and is now in normal mode. SmartNodes require a minimum of about 18 days uptime to be eligible for rewards. Future upgrades will require a shorter upgrade period.

We are finalizing some tests on the new blockchain explorer which will be mobile friendly and installable using Azure PWA. A preview is available here.

There are now 10,500 enabled SmartNodes on the SmartCash network.

Outreach Team

We were sponsors and were present at Blockchain Unbound and [CoinAgenda Caribbean](( in San Juan, Puerto Rico. All proceeds from Blockchain Unbound will go to hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

You can now track estimated monthly SamrtRewards at Statistics, past SmartReward information, and a JSON data feed is available.

BarterDEX has added SmartCash to their atomic swap platform. This allows to your trade SmartCash without using a 3rd party exchange. Download the latest BarterDEX Release Candidate v.8.13 here.

There are now 9,887 Smarties on the SmartCash Discord Server, 10,900 followers of Scashofficial on Twitter, 2,350 subscribed to /r/SmartCash on Reddit, 1,078 followers on Steemit, 835 on Instagram, 502 on the new SmartCash Chat Telegram Channel, and a growing presence on

Support & Web Team

Three new 0% fee official mining pools are now available for increased stability, reliability, and performance of the SmartCash blockchain network. No registration is required for miners; only a SmartCash address is required.

The new US mining pool is active and has confirmed over 3,250 blocks already.

The new Europe mining pool is now live and has confirmed over 100 blocks already.

The new Asia mining pool is now live and is currently finding blocks.

Miners with a balance on the old pools have two weeks to withdraw pending balances. Mining on the old US and EU pools will be stopped soon. Miners on the Asia pool have two weeks to transition to the new pool.

There is a mining pool bot on to track your stats and provide alerts. Message @MiningPoolBot or join #Mining on Discord for information.

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these updates are a cool new feature from the smartcash account, thanks for this.
I am happy to say that my smartrewards have arrived safely in my wallet.
now the big dilemma is, should I buy 10000 more to set up a 2nd node or not??

nice.. i only have 240 smartcash.. cant even accumulate till 1000 yet

well, its as cheap as its been in a long time so, 60 bucks should get you another 700ish to get your first 1000 or just exchange 1 sbd at a time and write articles on smartcash and participate in their contests

problem is i am not in ANY exchange.

@smartbot balance

You have Σ20 SMART (unconfirmed: Σ0 SMART).

Thank you @smartcash ...I would love to HODL

Your week in Smartcash is a great idea, the update about BarterDEX is huge glad Smartcash is getting on more exchanges

You're growing fast! Give me some freeee cash lol

Thanks for this post. This is like a complete guide to smartcash all in one post. I especially liked that there is a site to check smartrewards payout.
What is the likelihood that smartrewards % earned for holding required smartcash amount will increase back to its earlier highs?

@auskiwi talked about having a pool account for the smartrewards which will be shared amongst all members of the pool. This will be a great initiative i think, seeing that not many smartcash holders have the minimum 1000 smart to be eligible for the rewards. But with this pool, many more people will be able to participate and earn in the smartrewards.


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Very attractive project!!!!..... i wanna joint #smartcash

How can i be members?

You can put your name down here for an expression of interest:

As long as we have 1000 SMART pledged by April 25, the pool can be opened.

aloha i wish to join the hive !! pura vida thanks !!

wow, smartcash dev ain't sleep, cool updates and i really love this smartcash highlights now on steemit, it would be much appreciated to give us some info like this one ☺

be creative, be adaptable..... excellent post !! Congratulations

The devs are really doing a great job moving this project forward! A shame the hacking and Exchange issues has done so much harm on the Price - on the other hand its a great change to buy more!! Keep up the spirit Smarties!!