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Weekly highlights from the SmartCash Hive Teams and SmartCash community.

SmartCash Community

SmartRewards were paid to all eligible addresses on March 25th. 12,758 addresses were paid a 3.55% reward for the month.

Check out the article of the week, winners of the SmartCash Meme Contest, and give your congrats to the week’s MVP for Team SmartCash in last week's Team SmartCash on Steemit post.

Watch the short film “Stranded” that features SmartCash.

There are nine proposals currently open to community voting. Visit the SmartHive Governance Portal to vote on the projects. Everyone can vote with their SMART at no cost.

This week’s featured graphic is “InstantPay: A SmartCash Technology” by Somnium.

Development Team

SmartCash v1.2 was compiled with InstantPay and is being tested on the testnet pool network. You may star the SmartCash github repository to track public updates.

The Electrum server for SmartCash is working and the Electrum client is in an advanced stage with some minor issues being resolved.

The new explorer platform will support sending SMART from a paper wallet for use with gift cards.

There are now 10,728 enabled SmartNodes on the SmartCash network.

Outreach Team

SmartCash was mentioned in an article on describing the impact of cryptocurrencies on businesses.

SmartCash was mentioned in this article on the G20 and cryptocurrency oversight at

Ethos announced their partnership with SmartCash for their upcoming Ethos Universal Wallet.

SmartCash will be listed at the SatoWallet mobile wallet & exchange.

SmartCash is presenting at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kyiv on March 29th.

There are now 9,887 Smarties on the SmartCash Discord Server, 10,900 followers of Scashofficial on Twitter, 7,857 followers on Facebook, 2,350 subscribed to /r/SmartCash on Reddit, 1,078 followers on Steemit, 835 on Instagram, 716 on the new SmartCash Chat Telegram Channel, and a growing presence on

Support & Web Team

Accounts from the old mining pools need to login to initiate withdrawals. Not every account has auto withdrawal enabled.

You can now choose to host your SmartNode at

New users of the Discord Channel will now be greeted by a friendly “Welcome Bot”.

Graphic files and identity guidelines are now available on the website and dropbox for media and promotional use.

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I'm very excited about Smartcash, I hope to get a SmartNode someday!!

Enter our Banner of The Month Competition for a new image for the SmartCash Steemit page to wear and to win 400 SMART - Winner will be chosen in next week's post!

Smart Smarter Smartest SmartCash.png

My Idea of a Banner, @smartcash #smartcash #banner #competition

Great resource for SmarCash Graphics and specifications - SmartCash Graphics.
Find download link with editing feature here
Banner Sizes and Tools

I have joined the Discord channel, thank you for the update and keeping us as SmartCash users informed. I have also created a banner for the @smartcash steemit account. Look forward to earning my first 25th Payout.

Awesome update! Go Smartcash!

What is the Electurm Server exactly? I hadn't seen that before.

It's a Bitcoin full node with additional indexes and features to make it work with the Electrum client.
So it basically hosts a copy of the blockchain, but also acts like a wallet?

Thanks for update. I use discord all the time. And cannot wait for smartcard to be released

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So happy to see all these update and improvements. I believe SmartCash has an amazing future. @ironshield

it does have, i believe in smartcash and i wish i could do more than the little i have done to create a smart awareness, steemit made me know about cryptos, but smart made me fall in love.

smart short video, ☺ ☺


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