Legacy SmartCash Mining Pools Being Decommissioned May 1st

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SmartCash support has announced the upcoming decommissioning of the legacy Smartcash Mining pools.

Please login to each of the old pools and make sure your balance is withdrawn before D-Day on May 1st, 2018.

If you have issues logging in, please visit our Discord or open a ticket at our support desk.

Please switch all your mining to one of our new pools, listed at https://mines.smartcash.cc

Thanks for staying smart!


Why decomission?

Needed to move to more stable pools. The old pools were having constant issues requiring babysitting, and the new pools are fire and forget and much more stable for the miners.

This is welcome news... however it doesnt help me much. I cant mine on my laptop, for fear of it burning out... mining consmes much computer resources and is only suitable for desktops... or is there any hope of a laptop user like myself to get some juice out of mining? (Hopeless question)


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Laptops are really not meant for that type of thing. Closest I've seen is those secondary attached video cards for laptops. At that point it's Frankenstein, and you're probably better off just making a rig.

yes o. I am considering all options! mining is a way to go... dont want to be left out of it. Especially with these smartnodes... i need an efficient system when i am ready to setup my smartnode

I did withdraw from the old poool ! ... I love how new pools send the mined coins following a Pre-set timer.