Smartphone Photography - My Favorite Tree (Central Park, NYC) - Original Series

Hello Steemians!

The other morning I got out nice and early because we had a small snow the night before and I was excited to see what Central Park looked liked the next day. Plus, I wanted to get a shot of a wonderful snowy tree for my new original Steemit series My Favorite Tree!

The first photo got my vote for My Favorite Tree for this post! But there was so much loveliness, I decided to add a few other shots to give you an idea of what the very busy New York City can look like in tucked away spots like my neighborhood on the Upper West Side, and with a fresh dusting of snow. It's pretty!

So without further ado, here's My Favorite Tree





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Thank you!


I do not really love the snow ... but seeing your pictures I have to say that it's a magic for the city. Fantastic pictures!

Oh I don't blame you! The snow is quite lovely at first but then it's terribly dirty! Always so lovely to see you! Thanks for stopping by, my dear! xo

very nice pics. The last pic looks like cotton.

great shots again my dear the snow give it more magic with this magical lighting and colors great job
this is my last Queen 😍

Lovely Soufiane! Thank you for stopping by!

Wow....again...such a wonderful and interesting photography collection by @ilanaakoundi mam...
Actualy I'm realy like fristone....without leaf...tree have creative artwork...
Lastone is sky....without leaf tree...wonderful combination for click...
Totaly wel done mam...

Thank you very kindly!

wonderful photography. @ilanaakoundi
please see my post mam

Thank you my dear! x

Wow!! this is really wonderful all trees, lOoking fabulous. This environment and snowy weather is very cOol, that's why beauty of tree too enhance. No after see these trees mine also favorite One ^_^

Thank you dear! x

how are you my friend ? what's going on?

Things are good. My daughter was home from college this weekend! That was so nice and we have amazing weather from the snow. Today it will be almost 70 degrees! How's life for you? I hope well!

thankyou I'm well, and I'm busy now a days in my beautician work, cause now a days marriages season start so.. and in free time time I'll spent here time on steemit and my own hobbies :)

Oh yes, the marriage season is a busy one! Best of luck! x

Beautiful photos! I froze from just imagining myself there hahaha

Hehe! Now we have rain and all the snow is gone! It's a case of waiting for Spring! Thank you so much for stopping by! :D

You're welcome! :D

Snow, the trees adorn like a bride. :) my city still has not snowed :) almost ending the winter .. so I feel unlucky. :(
Take great pictures. Outstanding image! I really love the brown color in all that white. Amazing messy patterns and stunning textures! The composition is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Smiles, you are so poetic! Thank you for such lovely comments, like a work of art themselves!

Ah, no snow this year? I hope you get some because I would love to see your snowy photos!

Sending big xo and <3

Its so fascinating to look at your post today it definitely made my day special this is really beautiful and skillful at the same time :)

WOW thanks for your kind comments and support! Really appreciate it :D

These photographs are really beautiful; I even felt the cold and the longing.
Congratulations @ilanaakoundi

Thank you very kindly Gabriela! x

This is my first time checking out your blog. I saw smartphone photography. Did you take those with a phone?

Smiles, I do take them with my iPhone, James! Thank you! So glad you stopped by!

You are really skillful with the camera. I look forward to seeing more of what you can do with a phone camera.

@ilanaakoundi - Ma'm it's a stunning photography... I like this location too ma'm...

Thank you very much! Cheers! :D

Beautifully captured moment and the essence of the positive vibes this just made my day its wonderful :)

Awww thank you my sweet! I can always count on you to say something so lovely! Sending <3

How could you do that! Those photography are not disturbed by light of sun or anything and I like this color theme as well! Great photography my dear friend! Those are amazing as usual!


Helloooooo my dear friend! Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you, and of course your lovely comments and continued support! I really appreciate it!
Cheers right back! :D

At the moment I got really tight schedule! Otherwise, I will post what I got so far! Thank you very much for your great support towards me! I am really appreciating it too!


We are a good team! Great! Looking forward to seeing your photos soon!

Cheers right back!

These are beautiful! I love the snow, it really adds so much to this lovely scene! These trees look very happy in the glittering light! :)

Thank you, as always! Hehe, we both like snow and trees! I totally agree, the two go together so beautifully! Hope all is well with you and Chris?! Sending xo

Yes we do! I have found I have been more drawn to photographing trees since all your posts though, they are calling to me! We are great thanks, Chris is busy training away for his triathlons this year so I am trying to keep up with him! We are enjoying the quiet time atm to be honest, it's nice to have some time to ourselves, in the summer we get so busy we don't get time to realx!! How are things with you?? :) xoxo

That's so awesome! You are a big inspiration and that's just super to hear! Well, we'll have the Worldwide Sisterhood of the Trees here on Steemit, anyone can join who loves trees, lol!
Yes, I can imagine you two are quite busy during wedding season, really looking forward to all your adventures.
I'm good, thanks! Itching for Spring which is about normal for this time of year! Still can't believe the stamina some peeps have for Triathlons and Iron Man events! Wish I had it in me. Do you train with Chris? Me, I'd help with the carbs before the race! Always wanted to go the big spaghetti dinner thrown the night before the NYC Marathon, it's the most and the least I can do, hehe! xo

Yes I would love that! A place for people to go for trees!!

We are waiting for Spring too, it seems to be taking forever this time. There were the first signs of it today, lovely sunshine and some flowers coming up, however it is barely above 0 degrees still! Glad to hear you are well! What's it like in New York atm?

Hahaha no I don't train with Chris, I used to go on bike rides with him and we go on runs together with our dog but his speed is way faster than mine so I feel like I am just slowing him down! He is amazing at all sport, just a natural at it, whereas I have to work really hard for it! Haha yes the card loading before is way more appealring !! xxx

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Amazing Beautiful

your favorite trees are my favorite too this is quite fantastic so lovely to see this i am happy that i saw your post today :)

Awwww my cutiepie, you are ever so sweet! Thank you very much! Wishing you a lovely day! x

Beautiful shots, @ilanaakoundi! Looks like a place I would love in the winter!

Thank you! Oh indeed, you would love it! I highly recommend New York City in winter! :D

Mainly talking about the park but yeah ✌🏻🤟🏻

nice shots! you make me love more my dream place which is NYC. hopefully I can really go there someday the soonest.

Thank you! I hope you get here too! We love having visitors from around the world! Makes this city even more special!

Beautiful. But feels dead and lonely. Awaiting Spring to come :)

Thanks! Yup, awaiting spring too!

Wow very nice pictures! Great use of the light.

A big thank you! I appreciate you stopping by! :D

Love your pictures so following you to see more of your work :D
And a big thank you for the upvotes.

nice and amazing , a great beauty of nature
check my new posts

Thank you dear! Will do! x

I like the colors and compostions... I also like your editing... Congrats and have a nice day my friend...

Thank you! I always appreciate your kind comments and stopping by. It's good to see you my friend! Say hello to your amazing and lovely wife! :D

Anda adalah sumber inspirasi saya. dan izinkan saya menyebutkan nama Anda di pos saya yang paling baru.
Best regards:

Thank you!

Cheers to you! :D

You are welcome.
You are the best...
I want follow you. i want you to be my fans

Sounds good!

Thank you very much...
My fans...

wow! As a nature lover, I really enjoy the nice tree's picture, I keep following your post :)

Thank you very much! :D

I really like the snow of your friend, but this I can only see from the photos you share and see the snow on the television screen, where there is only the rainy season and the dry season of friends. I really miss every post you my friend. you try to visit also me, who knows there are interesting from me for you to read or you know my friend. warm regards for you friends.

Thank you so much! You are kind! :D

Nice. How often does NYC get snow like that?

Thank you! Well, I guess it depends on the year, some years we get piles of snow and other much less. We have had a few snow storms this year which is always magical.

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@ilanaakoundi, Absolutely brilliant outstanding scenery indeed wondering winter captures. I stunning more with snow balls coz I've never experience about winter. Look at these background. Changed environment awesomely. Very cool and calm locations for camera man. Thanks for inspiration.

Thanks so much! :D

photographie étonnante!!!

Merci ma cherie! x

amazing click..beautiful :)

Thank you sweet Claira! x

Great click!!!!!!! I really like your photos!!!

Awww many thanks dear!

  • Cheers back! :D

Your post and your pictures really bring me snowmanship. The color is pure white. Feels soft with the touch of the hand. His presence signifies the winter has arrived. The leaves, the streets, the buildings, all look white.

Thank you! :D

Beautiful. I'm from New York too! Albany that is. Haven't seen snow for a long time now. Just wanted to check in...from Ecuador. Hope you are well. -Dan

Ahhhhh a New Yorker! I bet you don't miss the winters! Hope you're well. I'll pop over to your blog to see what you've been up to!
Cheers! :D

My favorite is the third picture.

btw do you have any plans to visit England soon?

Hey there! Thanks so much! I like that one, too! And the cold weather jogger in the background. Can't believe peeps go out in the snow to run. For me it's an guilt-free excuse to stay inside!

I've been thinking about that and looking at travel sites for deals in London and Edinburgh. Boy! It's been a while since we've been in the great U.K. Miss it, big time!. We kind of get stuck going to Paris, (no one feels sorry for us, rightly so), to meet up with my husband's parents so we don't have to make the longer trek to Iran. Looks like we are going in March, not totally sure yet!
When's the big day! I think about you two often!

Do you have instagram or facebook?

Wow, those are nice shots you’ve got there. Good photography and artistry skills. Expecting more of these kinda pictures. Cheers!!!

Thank you! Cheers back! :D

Nature and snow. good composition and good shot. thanks.

Why thank you very kindly! And for stopping by!

because it rarely snowing in my city. I liked the snowly trees. these photos well .
snow in the city I live in is like a miracle

Beautiful Very Good

Thank you! :D

Well they sure are amazing !Pretty nicely taken images !They look beautiful !

Thank you! :D

Getting the vibes of the park in the city, well done the life it reminds us to breath and be free.

be well


So true! Sometimes it's forgotten in a busy day! A wonderful thing to remember! Thank you!

Cheers xo

I lovers my dear, Ilana 😍👏

My very dear J! Thank you so much! Sending <3

Stunning pictures! Great Shots!

Thanks my dear! x

The mood tone you choose fits perfectly with the tree. I love it!
and thank you so much for stopping by to see the life of the fisherman in my post:)

Thank you very much! I'll pop over to your blog now and have a look! Very lovely image, looking forward to more x

With my pleasure:)
I will also often visit your blog :D

Amazing photos!

Nice work - well presented