Smartphone Photography - Winter Wonderland - My Trip Upstate NY

Hello Steemians!

For my weekly post, I thought I'd share some pics of my trip to upstate New York not far from the border of Canada - to the Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain region, which held the Olympics in 1932 and again in 1980. The Adirondack Park is 6 million acres, 2 million of which is owned by New York State, providing the largest publicly protected area in the United States. My son spent 5 years in school there, training at the Olympic Mountain ski area and it was nice to explore little nooks and crannies with my handy-dandy iPhone to capture some lovely places like the red barn pictured in the post and the little pond I found by accident on a hiking trail or the tall grasses under a dramatic sky to that cloud-dotted sky itself! These are the moments that I live for and love and I'm so happy to share with you!










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Where was this upstate ? I used to live upstate for 14 years before moving to NYC, it’s so peaceful and quiet there compared to NYC

Hello my dear! This was in Lake Placid. Very cold, but pretty area! And like you say, so peaceful compared to NYC! Wow, 14 years upstate? Where did you live?

You know I am a big fan of your photography! Those are amazing! Perfect captures of nature beauties!


Awwww thank youuuuuu! I'm always so happy to see you! Puts a smile right on my face! I hope you are well!
Cheers back! :D

That's awesome! And thanks for the support you gave to me!
I'm always so happy to see you
Glad to hear that :D


Big smiles! And cheers! :D

@ilanaakoundi Nice Photography :) I like the Filter used in Pictures & Nature is Amazing :)

Thank you so much!

congratulation.. nice pic

Amazing nature and the pictures are amazing more wonderful shots my dear and great trip btw i missed you

Awww thank you very much Soufiane!

Beautiful pictures and nice trip!

Thank you very much! :D

Really i enjoy your post and photography

Thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by :D

Outstanding smartphone photography mam.
Where you mam?
Are you busy?

Thanks my dear! Yes, it's been busy, but always nice to spend time here at Steemit! Hope you are well! :D

You are looking so sweet mam

This picture is amazing @ilanaakoundi

Thx Sarah! Appreciate it! :D

Most welcome @ilanaakoundi

Nice photography! Really beautiful pictures.

Thank youuuuuu! :D

Beautiful pictures!

Thank you! :D

beautiful pictures and really good use o filters, ver whimsical :)

Hey there! Many thanks! :D

These are absolutely stunning! Seriously, some of your best work! Who needs anything more than a smartphone if you can make stuff like this!

Wowza thanks so much! A real compliment coming from you! You made my day! :DDDD

Haha you're welcome! Seriously, they are awesome!!

Hellooo @ilanaa hope you're well happy to see you again :) I'm waiting for your precious post. This is sooo beautiful photograph awesome outstanding views in all photographs, is near by your place loved it. Wonderful little house picture with snow in last one.

Hi Sana! Thanks for your lovely comments! That last little house is the starting gate for a ski race and that racer going into it is my son!

Ahan that's sooo sweet :)

Big smiles! Thank you sweet lady :*

a very beautiful nature, I like

beautiful post!

Love that barn one. I wanna go exploring!

Thank youuuuu! So nice to see you here! Exploring is the BEST! When I have the chance of it, I'm in heaven! Hope you are well! :D

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This type of images make me increase my desire to know the world and see every granite of beauty that nature gives us. Very good publication. Greetings from Venezuela!

Hello there! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I agree, when I see photographs from around this beautiful world it makes me want to get out there and see it! I hope you are well! :D

Beautiful place and beautiful photos! Visit my post, a nice tourist place in Venezuela and tell me what you think and vote! Greetings.

Thank you for stopping by Jose, I'll take a look! Greetings back!

This made my day literally awesome shots so elegant and surreal beautiful smartphone photography :)

Awww thank you my dear! It's always a pleasure to hear from you! Big xo

Nice your writing and photography.realy good job.

Thank you! :D

Well come.please upvote me.i am a new steem member.

Wow ... you shared a very beautiful view of your travel portrait. I really enjoyed it. Thank you @ilanaakoundi.

Thank so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it! :D

wow you have done an amazing beautiful :)

Thx sweet Claira!

@ilanaakoundi, Absolutely brilliant naturalize photography catch from near by your place. Its gives me very cool mindset. Pretty good location for relaxation. With attracted nature our life can be change success way.

Thank you so much!

Wow this is very very beautiful photography and great article
Thanks @ilanaakoundi
Have a great day

Thanks very much!

Wishing you a lovely day, as well! :D

I love your photos!! I use my phone also taking pictures

Thank you for stopping by! Isn't it fun?

I have never got there, seeing your poetry so have a wish.

Thank you! :D

Nice rustic aesthetic, I’m always keeping my eye out for good locations, I like moody atmospheric places, great for book covers and composite backgrounds! It’s always exciting to stumble upon a magical little place :) iPhone photography is only getting more and more popular, not only convenient but more discreet 😊

Thank you! Yes! I agree! Convenient and discreet! And to finding those magical places! Cheers! x

nice story please help me i am a good photographer check my last one if you want

Thank you for stopping by. Sure, I'll take a look, cheers!

What an awesome shot! just woow. I love this naturte

Thank you so much! :D

Amazing ;-)

Thanks very kindly! :D

a very good weekly story buddy, and I'm also very happy to enjoy the beauty of new york even in the picture only. friend, I've been waiting a long time you make a post. and today you made a post but it was 8 hours ago, I was late to open it. but I'm still happy to be able to visit your post, I hope you too. thanks my friend, warm regards from your friends

How very nice you are! Thank so much! :D

Everything is perfect! Great pics!

Thanks so much!

Wow excellent photography
100% like and resteem

WOW! Thank you VERY much! Cheers! :D

that's great reflection.

Beautiful photos!

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you for your pics, they are very nice. I can see what marvelous is your country, the pics show that you are a warm person with a sensity heart

How kind! Thank you! :D

Beautiful photography.

Thanks very kindly! :D

wow.... Amazing photography...

Thank you so much! :D

It is very very nice picture ♪
Thank you for a nice post

Thank you! :D

Wow nice capture! keep it up.

Wow... beautiful photographs my friend..
I really like it.. Nice clicks once again @ilanaakoundi

Thank youuuuuu! :D

Wow marvelous photography of beautiful nature 😍 what a beautiful place upstate New yark 😎❤

Thank you Hazel! so nice! :D

These are beautiful, each is like a work of art in its own right, I love the one with the reeds, so creative, always look forward to your posts, hope your well! :) x

Thanks so much, Verity! I really appreciate your lovely comments! I look forward to your posts too! In fact, I go straight to them when I've been away! I'm well, thanks! And hope the very same for you, too! xo

Awww thank you :) Yes we are all good too :) Have a lovely weekend and speak soon! x

@ilanaakoundi - Ma'm your photography are very stunning... Nice you decide to share it ma'm...


Thank you, dear! :D

Great images!

When I was living in NYC I only made it Upstate once, to Lake Minnewaska. It looks very similar - a beautiful part of the world!

Ahhhhhh a favorite spot! I used to take my kids there in the summer! There are rattlesnakes all over the place tho :O I'm very scared of snakes. Thanks so much for stopping by! A pleasure to see you! :D

I'd be rather wary of rattlers too! good thing we went in March , when there was still plenty of snow around...

They are impressive, @ilanaakoundi!
I wonder, what post-processing did you use? It looks very harmoniously

Thanks so much! I use my iPhone with an awesome app called Hipstamatic! It's super cool!

It's definitely coil!

TY! :D

Sorry, typing from a phone... ))

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