New Feature: SmartPoints Beneficiaries

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Greetings Steemians,

Thank you for the phenomenal response to #NewSmartSteem!

In this blog, we have an update about SmartPoints - part of Smartsteem's internal reward program.

SmartPoints Recap

Smartpoints can be earned through our earn app and used to make the most out of your Smartsteem experience.

The first use-case is for our streem app:

The more SmartPoints you own, the earlier your vote will be made relative to other voters, resulting in higher curation rewards.

Many of you asked us if there are other potential use-cases of SmartPoints. Apart from preferred upvoting, our goal is to provide more utilities for SmartPoints in the near future.

Right now, you can earn SmartPoints by going to and delegating Steempower.

If you'd like to know how, checkout the gif below.


SmartPoints Beneficiaries

This is the newest feature we developed for SmartPoints, which is quite similar to Steem Beneficiaries, where you can set specific accounts as benefactors of your post-rewards. Just with the difference, that SmartPoints will be distributed instead of post-rewards.

Let's say "Bob" delegated 1000 SP to @smartsteem and set "Kira" as 10% SmartPoints Beneficiary.

Now everyday in the regular scenario Bob is supposed to get 1 point daily. Since he has Kira as beneficiary, Bob will get 0.9 and Kira will get 0.1 Points daily.


Setting it up is quite easy: just head over to and click on the settings-button

We hope you'll find this feature helpful!

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please use the feature and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Team Smartsteem


You guys should have it so that you have to send in SmartPoints in order to claim a vote spot, the more sent the earlier the vote, one send per day and have a min and a max.. Post a post every 24 hours and that will be when the day starts, then it's first come first served Blind auction.. sending either to a specific account or @null ..

Dumb idea but I'm only trying to showcase the infancy of the idea, not so much meant to be taken at face value..

Anyways.. cool :)


Interesting concept. Highly appreciated food for thought!

Will SmartSteem work on Hive?

Thanks for the continual updates. However the problem I have with the smartpoints reward of getting an earlier vote is that it doesn't really make so much sense to me: the system always favors big SP holders who delegate to get smartpoints which means that even having a couple of thousand SP will put me at the end; and the other more problematic issue is that I can just use other services to vote on posts making this system essentially unattractive to even get on board. But perhaps I am understanding it wrong.

Let's say there is Bob, Andy, Petra, Karen, Ben and Louis:

Bob has 4000 SmartPoints, Andy has 50 SmartPoints, Petra has 1 SmartPoints, Karen 0, Ben 0, Louis 0.

Even if the difference between Bob and Andy is quite big (3950 Points), in case both are following the same curation trail, Andy will be the 2nd spot out of 6 and Petra with only 1 SmartPoints will be in 3rd spot.

That's already very fair towards small delegators, as there is no real value advantage between having 3950 more Points than the next person or 49 Points or even 1.

Nevertheless, your opinion is valued and it's not our objective to get people to abandon other services. We simply wanted to make something fun after completely revamping our platform. If you don't see too many advantages to use it, that's totally fine. No hard feelings!

okay thanks for clarifying! That actually makes more sense now

It's basically the same as any other auto voting service now. That's why it's useless. They keep talking about all this "positive feedback" they're getting, but it's bullshit. No one wanted another shitty auto voting/posting platform. Smartsteem used to be a way for us smaller shareholders to make a little bit of extra steem off of selling our votes so we don't reach 100% vote power. They completely fucked the whole thing and it's become a useless piece of shit. I can't even begin to fathom why they thought this dumbass move was a smart thing to do... but who knows. What they should've done was just adjusted the price for votes and maybe we would have earned a little less off of our votes, but we would have received larger curation now under new steem. They changed the service completely, to something that NO ONE AT ALL (Despite what the stupid fucks will claim on their posts...) asked for in the first place. Steemauto and Steemvoter and shit like that are sufficient and there was simply NO demand at all for another service like it, but these dipshits chose to take that path regardless. They've lost a majority of their userbase and it'll only dwindle further in time as people just stop using it because it's not any different than any other automated service. They not only hurt their bottom line, but they also cost their users a lot. We used to be able to make use of extra voting power and get a little bit with a fee taken out, for them hosting the service. Now? We have another useless site that contributes nothing original or unique to steem in any way. Fucking sad to see, tbh.

How do I undelegate from smartsteem?

There is no option on the site... something is wrong here.

I am searching for that option too. I no longer see any benefit delegating after these site changes.

This apparently has been going on for almost three months since and so far I can imagine they've been benefitting from the added supply...I want my hard-earned SP back!

hey @smartsteem that's not so smart (smh)

@beavishoek @cizzo OK I figured it out, by virtue of the animation in the post, you type "0" to remove the delegation amount. IDK its like too much to ask for anything, so its always a struggle...sigh, instead of receiving STEEM/SBD directly, another fool's gold receipt (points) for...clout?


Thanks for the good news. Maybe I will also send a sp

and how do we know where we rank in the voting "queue" ? Dapps like Partiko show the points leaders. Will the amount of Smart Points for all users be public for all to see since transparency seems to be an important feature of blockchain ?

Yea, some kind of rich list like on steem engine would be cool

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You guys only giving smart points in order of delegation of steem. Is this true ?

Why did you downvote my SteemSports article? You upvote yourself 100% for an announcement..

I am quite excited with this new update to SmartSteem. The beneficiary option makes SmartPoints even more attractive and inviting. Hopefully, more innovations will unfold - perhaps like transferring smartpoints from one wallet to another. Who knows if Smart points can even become tradeable in the future. At any rate, kudos to your hardwork. Cheers!

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Hi @smartsteem how am I able to use your services and earn smartsteem points without delegation ... I did notice I have 0.09 points but I am struggling to obtain more..

With that being said how can I use these points

so i decided to delegate steempower to @smartsteem in order to recieve the smart steem points but i have no received one single payment. why is that @smartsteem

Seems they've gone full retard or something. They're abusing people's trust and changed the entire platform into some hot pile of shit that no one wanted to begin with. Now I'm thinking it's so that they could stop paying people steem/sbd and those who don't check often, will still have their sp delegated or have them authorized to vote on their behalf so that they can continue to use their power. Either way, retardsteem has definitely run it's course and no one should support such a pile of shit anymore. Basically, what they did was take their platform that was useful for earning on power you would otherwise have sitting idle, and changed it into steemauto with their shitty little token attached. Pathetic.

Thank you

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Hello @smartsteem
I want to undelegate my SteemPower from you...
but the link:
does not work on your site... Please remove the delegation of SteemPower and transfer back my SteemPower.
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan Hartmann.

Hello, ‪@smartsteem can you, please, help me get the word out on this new contest:

‪Thank you,
Yahia ‬


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We are loyal customers who feel their pride in a variety of experiences about the platform that we are proud of, I think to be proud again as before steem people and I feel still maintain, hopefully this recovery can be felt like last year's pleasure to prove to the world steem program is always in the glory of a bright future 💪💪💪👍

Is smartsteem down

Thanks, I am still a newbie so trying to understand the process, thanks for your support!

This is just getting to my notice on the write up because am just a new beginner but after reading the whole content of the writing I grab some thing unique from what I used to know

Thanks for the clarification it's really helpful