DLIKE Sponsor Report #50 - USDT Tips Live

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Hello Steemians!

Tips On Posts is Live

An additional source of income for DLIKE (PRO) users added. If you are a PRO user, you can tip (USDT) to any post which you like. 40% of tip earning goes to author while 60% to you.

DLIKE users will earn SPORTS Tokens

DLIKE is proud to announce its partnership with sportstalksocial. Now all DLIKE users who share sports related stuff under SPORTS category with minimum 50 unique words to elaborate the story will get SPORTS token upvote by DLIKE. All PRO users will get 3x upvote as compared to other users. Any account trying to share just for upvotes will get blacklisted without any notice so make sure to share only quality content which is useful and information promoting for community..
We are thankful to @sportstalksocial for this partnership and are very hopeful that it will help steem users to monetize their work with more earning opportunities.

Upcoming Reward Pool System

As per our commitment form the first day of our token launching that DLIKE is a utility token build to be used on DLIKE platform, after the launch of PRO membership, now DLIKE is ready to unveil its reward pool system where PRO users will be earning daily DLIKE tokens from reward pool as per their share to the platform.
In couple of week reward pool will be live where users will be able to earn tokens for comments on their posts, likes on their posts and many other things which will measure their activity on the platform.

Dlike Payout For Delegations

Weekly payout of dlike tokens for 50th week has been made. Weekly payout for DLIKE tokens, STEEM and SBD has been paid.

Promote Dlike - Get Free Dlike Tokens

Dlike is offering 2k to 3k Tokens per promotion articles on different crypto related sites including medium. If you are associated with any of the top crypto related websites then get in touch with us to write about dlike and get dlike tokens.

We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

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Delegate Your SP to Dlike

We are giving daily tokens equal to amount you delegate to dlike.

If you delegate 1000 SP, you will get daily 1000 dlike tokens (paid weekly on each Monday) plus 5% beneficiary reward plus instant bonus tokens.

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Hello, is dlike down now? Tried to post via browser but says application error.

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i like this program and i delegate #100 steem to @dlike....