Weekly Sponsor Report #58 - DLIKEM sale Ends in 24 Hours

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Hello Steemians!

Here is weekly DLIKE report for 58th week

DLIKEM Sale Ends in 24 Hours

DLIKEM sale will end in aprox 24 hours from now and there will be no more tokens sold by DLIKE team. Users who have purchased can sell and buy after sale

DLIKEM Delegation Rewards

Delegation reward for all users who have staked more than 30 tokens will be completed as sale ends with a ratio of 1:50

DLIKER Airdrop for DLIKEM Holders

All those users who have staked DLIKEM tokens will get 1:4 ratio of liquid DLIKER airdrop. Top 5 users will get 1:8

DLIKER - Proof of Stake

DLIKER proof of stake ratio is 15% out of reward pool. You can stake DLIKER tokens to earn this reward. Every hour 100 random winners get paid.

Dlike Payout For Delegations

Weekly payout of DLIKE tokens, STEEM and SBD for 58th week has been paid to all delegators. Thanks to all the sponsors who believe in DLIKE project. This week due to an error in bot, double payout was made for steem to all users which will be adjusted in next week payments.

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I bought both DLIKER and DLIKEM from Steem-engine but they aren't showing up in me Dlike Account. Do I need to send them from steem-engine? Not sure how that works.

Steem-Engine Wallet:

DLike Wallet

Also, the explorer doesnt seem to be working.

These tokens are not yet visible in DLIKE wallet as we are working to add them in this wallet. You can check your balance and rewards in Steem Engine Account, under your steem engine wallet.

Ok, cool. Did that and have started receiving rewards. Thank You! Excited about the project, was worried my account was messed up. :-)

Good jhob dlike is oke

It's over already!
Ok I'm going to buy few more with the little bits of STEEM I've left. Hope you reached you funding goals :)

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Um, is the airdrop of DLIKER tokens to those with staked DLIKE ever going to actually happen? If so, when?

It will be a slow airdrop in weeks starting from second week of October!

Just some question:
Is there a list of the top 21 DLIKEM Holders?

You said in a post before:

How will DLIKE Tokens be distributed? Must users send you an Ethereum adress or something like that?