Solidarity new name of the development?

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The dimensions that include the human transcendency are urgent in the measure that grows the company and with her the possibility of dominating to the world and of extracting his energy, because there arise constant responsibilities of the care of the creation where there does not meet awkward the right to live and arise from the human being. Nevertheless, the peoples meet every day threatened by the men who try to be gods, but that are paralyzed by the development that they have and he carries to the frustration of a conviction that imposes a change in the spirit of solidarity of the world.

The solidarity must exist in the roots of the man, seeking to be different from the conscience of own interests and having like an essentially human reality proved, that is to say, a search of common good that it needs of one to gesticulate of own nation and promoting all kinds of exchanges between the social groups. Nevertheless we must ponder in that the men possess different characters, which differ from the rest because they seek to be perfected in the treatment, due to the fact that they take the duty to coexist as the social existence that is had.

Is the transformation of the world possible with a spirit of development?

The solidarity should be the new spirit, where the work of the man is led by a progressive humanization and with conscience of yes same with responsibility before the history and the future, that is to say, with an absolute respect between the men and respect with the own world. In the measure that is possible the domain of the world will face a deep level of a fundamental problem and his precise solutions for a guessed right approximation of the social development and the existence humanizes; where the integrity of the company does not meet compromised in the same development.

It is necessary to consider also, the solidarity authenticates where the logic of the experiences is recognized without coming to the exploitation, oppression and cancellation from the others. Remembering that the solidarity understands different areas so much political, economic and social that they must contemplate a change that corrects his course of disorder, since, it is not nice a world alone where there exists a panorama of protagonist and threats, while million persons lack the necessary thing for the life.

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