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Placing the concept or definition of empathy we have the following.
Empathy (from the Greek ἐμπαθής, 'excited') is the ability to collect, share and understand (in a common context) that another being may feel. It is also described as a feeling of emotional involvement of a person when it affects another.

Sometimes we talk about being empathetic, "put us in the shoes of the other" as we colloquially to express it; but there are easier said than done.

I mention this since today, in my country Venezuela we are going through transformation processes or whatever you want to call and, on some occasions we Venezuelans senses designated and even stigmatized by people from other countries.

In times like these, as only we hope that the Nations of the world are empathic both in theory and in practice. Not having us hurt, if not understanding that we are going through a bad time, that we need a helping hand and recalling that in the past were arms of the Venezuelans who opened for different nationalities.

That is put into practice empathy and let the theory in books and internet.

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