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As they are friends, again by this platform bringing me to you; I tell them that I met a few friends of my childhood, which made me remember those days of pranks that do not return but that will always be in our memories in recent days.

We share a long talk and a meal, as at the time in which our mothers we consented as we come together to make the activities of the College. In the middle of the conversation and the gathering, my friend Juancho (as affectionately say) reminds me of the "meat pies" that my mom used to make us saying that they were a verraquera (i.e., that they were the best).

This comment on pies, made that different thoughts which brought nostalgia, joy among other feelings with them come to my mind. Take this conversation to confess something about dumplings my MOM so piropeadas; first of all ask:
Juancho what he most liked pies, meat stew, the creaking of its mass? Tell me... He answers, all brothers were exquisite that meat, the crackly his MOM leaving the mass ummm... exquisite!
When answering my question, I could see as his eyes reflected the memory of the moment when us atorábamos (as my mother says) with this delicacy; I take the time to ask another question: brother you are sure every thing come?, Juancho concern face looks at me and tells me what you want to tell me, release brother?

I start to laugh and I tell him, nothing wrong brother, only to patties that my mom makes and who both like him, his stew does not meat; She prepares you with grated potato combined with hogao!. (Fried vegetables).
My friend looks at me and tells me not me jo...! And we started to laugh coming to my mind a phrase to listen once, not all is what it seems!

We read in the next, friends of steemit.