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RE: Announcing the Social Blockchain Working Group

Yeah,the old Steem Dev Team back again and now free of incompetent leadership!
Congrats to that move! The Steem Community is very happy to see, that you guys are keep on working to improve the Steem Blockchain, and hopefully also to finish up the SMT project :-)


They have zero plans on "improving the Steem Blockchain" and much less so about "finishing SMT".

They think the Steem blockchain, as is, is a failure of design and they are going to create a new blockchain from scratch. I wish they would have shared more information about their plans so the other community members don't have to come pick up their slack.

To reiterate, they are NOT saving the Steem blockchain or planning to continue the Steem community with the existing Steemd code. They are likely not even going to base their code off Steem but thats just my assumption and has no evidence backing it.

"...thats just my assumption and has no evidence backing it."

These are very specific statements that must have some reason behind it. There seems to be a substantial body of knowledge regarding this team both you and Bernie seem privy to, presumably due to your being witnesses.

It is difficult to make good decisions regarding complex evolutions absent relevant information, and your position on this event indicates that information I am unaware of dramatically affects how it is understood.

What informs your very specific expectations for the direction you expect this team to go?


A source I trust very much

My kind of thought also..

The thing also is This... The keep the top 20 in the top 20 kind of voting is not that kind of thing buttt I follow the you must have knowledge into the top 20 because their work on the blockchain.

Why even the top 20 why not the top 100 and just steempower based voting instead of 30 votes. That is the real issue... Why smt? We have all ready altcoins?

Steem is broken. The only option is to fork and move on if we don't agree with the way Justin plays the game. The rules are pretty much the same way it used to be when the top 20 witnesses ignored it because they didn't think it would hurt them this much.

But, of course they wouldn't want a fork either (which is clearly the best thing to do now). It would reduce their coin value to almost zero.

If someone is going to develop a new chain, regardless of whether it helps steem or not, I think I'm all in for that. They're not obligated to save us when the solution is obviously in front of us.

But, of course they wouldn't want a fork either (which is clearly the best thing to do now). It would reduce their coin value to almost zero.

Are you speaking for them? I know quite a few of them and they would say that's full of shit.

Just read @blocktrades ' recent post and i am definitely glad to hear that we're moving to a new chain.
Finally, someone is working on a solution rather than bitching about the problem all week on Twitter.

Hopefully, we fix the long-standing broken witness voting system pretty soon. Would want to see new faces who are actually pulling in value.

Is this "original" team from august 2016?

I am curious because I joined in august 2016 and had zero issues aside from stuff @nedtheshithead did or a few downvote tempertanrums that occurred.

Yes I believe this is the original team aside from Dan Larimer. Nathan Caldwell is a blockchain developer that @theoretical has worked with for a long time and who worked at Steemit later on. @gerbino also began working at Steemit about 1.5 years ago and did much of the work on SMTs.

awesome, I will give you guys a chance with my witnesses votes and check your service out, I respect that you quit Steemit to start a fresh chapter instead of carry the dead weight.

Thanks! We have no intention of running a witness, so please keep on supporting whatever real witnesses you can!