The TRUTH About the Viral Angry Parents vs Marxist High School Teacher Project Veritas Video

in #socialismlast year (edited)

Two words cut through all the BS and ACCURATELY and SUCCINCTLY describe Socialism and Communism. WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION. Let's use just ONE word - THEFT.... more specifically it's THEFT by the barrel of a GOVERNMENT GUN. And it doesn't matter WHY the money is being stolen from the people. It could be for a "good cause." The people who want the theft could have "good intentions." That doesn't change the fact that it's still THEFT. Therefore ALL forms of Communism/Socialism are IMMORAL. Anything that derives its existence from the THEFT of the people is INHERENTLY WRONG and is rightly condemned by those who absolutely do not tolerate ANY FORM or SHADE or LEVEL of EVIL. This is why we need to talk about what's REALLY going on in this video. Nobody's addressing the COLOSSAL ELEPHANT in the living room - Children are being INFLUENCED and INDOCTRINATED by the enemy of the people - THE SOCIALIST STATE. Please share this's VITAL for people to understand.