Trying Torum as a Hive User

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Hi everyone,

After seeing a fair amount of Hype around Torum on twitter, I decided to try it out. It looks like an interesting platform but there were certainly some quirks to get used to.

I did have some trouble getting signed up as they had some odd requirements.

Firstly, I verified my email which worked completely fine, although the email came from a address, which didn't come across as overly professional to me, but I mean no complaints other than that, that part worked fine.

The part that gave me the hassle was the phone verification. To gain full access to the platform, you had to verify your phone with WhatsApp, no Text/Call option available. Now I ditched WhatsApp a while ago and wasn't going to install that shit just to get access to this website, so I contacted support, where they verified my number without even confirming that I owned it, which again seems bad but if there's no system I guess that's fair.

I have made a couple of posts and got reasonable levels of interaction. It would seem that tipping is the main method of earning as with and others, and you have to earn 500 tokens before you're allowed to do anything with them.

Personally, for me, I prefer the way hive works in these respects, although a centralized account creation system certainly has its merits.

It also seems to be running on eth/bsc/huobi smart chain, which is only the token, so there is none of the censorship-resistance of actual blockchain based social media.

The content felt more like what you'd expect of twitter.

TL;DR: Not for me, but maybe you'll like it?


If they can use their buzz to focus on getting consumers for their content they might be successful.
To me hives biggest deficit is that the buzz got wasted on attracting people to "get rich blogging".
It's not that im not bullish on hive, i am.
I just believe hive needs to focus more on funding for second layer projects like other defi platforms do.
Continuing to focus on social as more players with better funding enter the market is a losing strategy.
The one exception i see to this is leo. But as you can see, a significant portion of the leo economy is devoted to defi. I think the success of this strategy is obvious when we compare leo to the broader hive community.

Layer 2 all the way

Blogging is a really cool thing to have on layer 1. That kind of communication available all the time is great for the health of the chain and its politics, but blogging isn't a battle I'm interested in fighting. It'd be going after a niche of a niche without much ammo

An easy to build upon layer2 is the way. Engine does lots of biz. Leo has all kinds of tricks. Really looking forward to HAF - and any other layer 2 solutions people come up with


Hive Application Framework
Basically an interface for developers to connect their apps with the Hive blockchain without having to get so deep into blockchain stuff. It's being developed by blocktrades (the blocktrades team does a lot of Hive core development)

It will be a plugin on a witness server parsing data in real time rather than a separate process of streaming through blocks like Hive Engine or other layer 2 services use now. The idea is it will be fast and easy to build Hive dapps

So this will be similar to the application layer on the evm and allow for the deployment of for lack of better words smart contracts?
You got any suggested reading about the HAF?

An application layer, exactly. The specifics aren't well known yet

Hints about HAF come in blocktrade's posts, and he sometimes asks for public input and we get to see some cool documents to deep dive into. All of his recent updates will mention something about HAF, usually near the end. Hopefully, we'll see it in the wild in the coming weeks. I'd be surprised if it takes more than a couple of months from now for us to see it in action

Thanks. I'll go through his posts.

Yeah, a bunch of completely fair points. I agree that people come here for the promise of money and it gives people the wrong starting expectation.

I feel hive is growing in those ways but our marketing efforts probably haven't moved with that.

Thanks for the comment.

Also to be fair, hive has capabilities other chains lack.
For example, an Oracle service could be built here that would rival any other due to our free txs.
This is just one thing i thought of in ten seconds cuz i think i sound bearish sometimes when I'm really not.
Anyway, thanks for the post and for replying to me.

Heh, I think a healthy amount of critique of the blockchain is a good thing as we've certainly got ways to go. I didn't think it was particularly bearish either. I'd also be interested to see how the chain would handle masses of "free" custom_jsons, as we've never really had a good stress test.

Yeah ive wondered about that too. Im not really sure how to find out. I guess we could start by looking at splinterlands which i think is our largest producer of custom jsons and then try scale that up to the volume of requests for a successful Oracle service like chainlink. However i suspect that the data wouldn't be accurate and we would really just have to see it in action.

Yeah, nothing quite like testing the real thing... until it crashes and burns 🤣

Thats the cycle...
Code, crash, iterate.

going to check it out later. seem like interesting the way you write about it. here have some !LUV

Yeah, I obviously have my biases and look at it as a developer probably a bit much. Thanks for checking out my post :D

you are welcome. thanks for voting my reply, I appreciates it. all the best mate.






@cadawg, you've been given LUV from @menzo.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (9/10)

The steem / hive crypto economics is unique and unparalleled


Thanks for checking it out and reporting! Saved me a ton of time and brain space

Glad I could save you some brain space... you can always donate it to me :D

It's all recycled now. Ran out of the fresh stuff years ago. Been trying to lose the illegal stuff first, in order of largest fines. Happy to xfer some to ya!

You know what, you're welcome to keep it all. Seems like it comes with too much baggage 😅

idk, it's probably better to have than torum. Just practice saying "No, I don't recognize that person" and "that doesn't look familiar to me. I don't think I've been there before"

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