How to post like a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR Brand!!

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Creating successful brand photos for Social Media during this time that there is so much good content out there, can be intimidating, especially for someone who is just starting out!

Most of us are not sure where to start at the beginning! But, worry no more! Today I’m sharing my tips so you can post like a multimillion-dollar brand! How can you do that? Is it that easy? Actually yes, really simple, just start capturing a photo from above, from a “bird’s eye view” as it’s called. It is usually used for things like food, fashion, tech, or desktop accessories. And these types of images are really fun to create!

So, let’s begin! Here are my 6 tips for creating better photos:


Natural light is always the best we can use! But even if we’re working with artificial lighting, it has to be soft & diffused, so that’s the number one thing we have to pay attention to. Harsh lighting often ends ruining the picture, it either
creates a lot of shadows or it just completely makes the photo white. So, aim for a subtle & even light.


And when I say that it matters I really mean it! It can either make the subjects used in the photo stand out or it can drain them all together. You actually don’t have to do much about the background. In this case, less is more. So keep it super simple, monochromatic, and preferably white or another neutral color. Just stay away from busy patterns and you are good to go!


I mean, do I really need to say much? The camera we use plays a huge role in the final result & quality of the photo!
And I’m not saying you need to go and invest in an expensive one! The best camera is the one you know how to use. Since phone cameras have come a long way, you have it on hand already! And since you’re taking photos for social media, they don’t have to be in a large format so your phone camera works perfectly!

Tip Make sure you hold your camera completely parallel to the floor. With an overhead shot, you don’t want your camera on an angle. This can take a little practice so take a few shots!


Collecting all the subjects you are going to use in your photo can be super fun! But please, don’t jump into conclusions and think that you have to spend a lot of money, no! Start by looking around your office, living room, kitchen
and the rest of your space to see what you can gather. Now, there is a bit of strategy involved too! You can’t just lay down all the items and hope for the best!

Tip Your visuals should always support your brand and help you to tell a story & connect with your audience.


Ah, styling for a photo! It can be a challenge alright! But it doesn’t have to! Not anymore at least! Just a little preparation & practice can go a long way! What’s my tip? Find inspiration online! Instagram & Pinterest is my
favorite! Everyone is different but seeing other people’s perspectives can help us maybe choose a color that we usually wouldn’t or lay down the subjects we are using for the photo in a more fun way! Experiment! That’s the only way you’ll find your own voice!


How you edit your photo can change the whole feeling & aesthetic! If you are a beginner there are so many apps out there with already made filters you can use, that basically do all the work for you!

Some of my favorite apps are:
 A Color Story
 PicTapGo
 Snapseed
I would suggest trying them all & even some more until you find the one that best fits your brand’s needs!
If you feel more confident and want to experiment on your own some key things you should pay attention to are:
 Increased exposure for brighter/lighter images.
 More contrast to make it pop.
 Less saturation, for photos with a cooler tone.

Tip The key with editing is to keep it natural!