The Pearl - Historic Brewery Renovated In San Antonio

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A few years ago I was living in downtown San Antonio, about a 10 minute walk from the Pearl, a super hip and historic area that has tons of eateries, shops and apartment living. The Pearl itself has been around since the 1880s and was initially a brewery, one of the first in Texas. It sits right on the famous River Walk and is directly north of the downtown scene including the Alamo.

In the 1890s, more buildings were added including a (now famous) stable and the brewhouse, now known as Hotel Emma - a super nice hotel that features a warehouse style bar and industrial chic style lobby areas. There is now a newer brewery in this building that features amazing cajun style meals - it's called Southerleigh.

In the late 1800s they were making Pearl beer here and the Lone Star Brewery was operating south of downtown as well. At the end of the 1900s the brewery closed and sat empty for a decade before companies began entering the domain and setting up shop including restaurants, retail boutiques, education facilities, apartment complexes and more.

Now it is a thriving community that's always packed full of locals, tourists and groups of people that want to meet in a cool spot. I love going out to the Pearl and hanging out in the busy atmosphere.

  • Note: I'd love to do more posts like this including some more content on the Pearl and downtown San Antonio since there's so much history in this city. Coming soon!

I originally wrote this snippet on Den.


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