Coinbase Debit Card Just Came In

in #someeofficial-55170810 months ago (edited)

Finally got my debit card from Coinbase! So excited to continue my journey into crypto and blockchain technologies.

Full disclosure: I do not use Coinbase as a wallet (although I do have some ETH locked into their 2.0 POS vault) but I do sometimes buy ALGO on CB and send to my native ALGO wallet. I will say that I joined Coinbase in February of 2020 and my wife and I have been doing the Learn and Earn $3 lessons and now have over $600 worth of crypto free from their rewards program. I log into CB regularly to see if there are new coins to earn from.

Either way, I'm excited about this new system they have and my goal is to try any and all crypto programs I'm interested in to teach others as well.