The first Web3 Business process Outsourcing in the Philippines! The Inter-BPO League is a

The first Web3 Business process Outsourcing in the Philippines!

The Inter-BPO League is an event where all of the BPO businesses will be joining. Hundreds of employees are going to show their skills not only at work places.

There is such great preparation that all of the people here in Mindanao are excited to watch the most anticipated event, which will be happening on May 14, 2023. We couldn't hold back the joy of shouting and cheering for those who are the best spikers and woopers.

You might want to ask, "Why is there such a thing as this kind of event?" There are a variety of ideals in sports that apply to our daily lives.

They provide a place to exercise self-control and sustain enduring relationships with coworkers. Sports challenge workers to step outside of their comfort zones and, by adding a sense of enjoyment, increase the pressure of the job.

Any sport that is played by the team members improves their ability to assess situations. The employee must comprehend the demands of the challenge and adapt in order to succeed in it. Additionally, team sports teach how to effectively manage the resources at hand in order to succeed.

Sports improve employee engagement as well. The friendly competition in a game also motivates employees to appreciate the importance of leadership. It helps to increase adaptability, which is important for team collaboration because failure is an inevitable aspect of life. Even though it is the last thing you want, there are moments when you have to accept failure.

Sports also help the mental health of participants by instilling the important lesson of accepting failure or success with grace. The person is less likely to experience depression as a result of their relaxed state of mind. Performance is not the most important factor in any sport; instead, it is teamwork.

Creating memorable moments with others, overcoming a problem together, fusing sports and social ideals, and making new friends are more important than always performing at your peak.

Mr. Ken Berry, the founder of the Blockchain Network Philippines, has a desire to take part in this kind of event in 2020. He used to work for a BPO business before he became successful. His company will be the first and only one in the Philippines to focus on the web3 industry, according to his wide vision.

He doesn't care about trophies, but he constantly makes it clear to his employees that life is about more than just winning or losing games.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the organization "Basketball Avenue". Through your creative minds, somehow employees from different companies have relieved their stress and learned what sportsmanship is.

We are so excited to get to meet other BPO companies here in Mindanao, such as SPLACE, FGC+, Alorica, Outsourced Doers, Awesome OS, Callbox, Full Potential Solutions, Sutherland, OP360, NESI, Hartman, and Poplar. We are so ready, and may the best company win!

By: Julie Anne May Deloria- HR Manager
[The first Web3 Business process Outsourcing in the Philippines!

The Inter-BPO League is a](


Web 3 are the future, hope Somee will have its own time

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