Can someone please explain to me why is the sole purpose of the search engine to discover

Can someone please explain to me why is the sole purpose of the search engine to discover new people and create new connections?

Is anyone else annoyed with scrolling down their friends list looking for specific people? Or is it just i? It should be as easy as going to the search engine and submitting the account name. I guess these things aren't possible yet but very important.


I haven't found this future yet

The way it's easy to find friends on ecency should be the same here

Apart from this post, I have a question, if you want to answer it, please. Why are new users like me not getting votes on somee posts?

  • You have drawn us all to a very good issue. I tried to find this future after your post but couldn't find it. Let us all know when you know

It's really sad I find it hard finding my friend @vickyanne and other friends that were on the old platform I have to check the friend list of others I think they might have probably added which is quite bad. I hope there is an improvement of this feature real soon.

I agree with you. But I don't know

This may be coming in a future new update

I believe you are not the only one who is annoyed by this. It annoys me when I enter the friends list and, for example, on the fifth page I enter the profile of a friend, look at what interests me and exit his profile, I am returned to the friends list from the first page. so I have to open all the way to the fifth one again, if I want to continue scrolling through my friends.

This can probably be solved easily and quickly, because on the old mobile application, it returned to the first page of posts, when you enter an older one, it returns yours to the last published (this was solved with the new somee update).

…, i am pretty sure the dev team of somee is working hard in all issues :)

We have reported the bug since day 1.... I don't think it will be fixed anytime soon