I have no clue why i cannot upvote comments to the Blockchain from SoMee. I am upvoting yo

I have no clue why i cannot upvote comments to the Blockchain from SoMee. I am upvoting your comments from somee.blog until this problem is fixed.

The other problem i am experiencing is finding friends. I see myself having to scroll down my friends list or followers list to find people. This is extremely inconvinient. Can someone bring this up to Phillip?

When i try to search from the search engine the person i am searching does not appear.

If these issues continue i am just going to use Ecency and Somee.blog until they are fixed. My Hive Username is greywarden100. This stuff gave me a big headach just now


Not sure if I encounter the same difficulty as yours. There are times that my comments on somee.social are published on somee.blog but there are also cases in that they are not. I thought at first that if I published posts on somee.blog, they will automatically appear on somee.social. This is exactly the reason why I post and write comments on both somee.blog and somee.social. I just thought that perhaps the dev team wants to encourage users to use somee.social more.

Note: I first made this comment on somee.social, but it didn't appear here on somee.blog. My vote there at least worked.

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When searching for friends you can search the name ot part of the name, then press the "Users" tab/section and they will be there.

Is my life I am only using these platform

I also post on somee.blog and comment on ecency. What kind of friends are you looking for? I am ready to be your friend

We are friends already on Hive. I am talking about the main SoMee Platform. You should try it out. It is really cool. Just that somethings need to be fixed.

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I agree with everything you said

Somee is my favorite

I am new user on this platform

It's literally a general issue hope it gets fix sooner.

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As amazing the new plateform is for a social media for the monetisation aspect i still go with somee.blog...