At this rate [christopherkramer.10] will not be able achieve any of the #goals he's s

At this rate christopherkramer.10 will not be able achieve any of the #goals he's set for onboarding until at least 2030. By then #SoMee will have failed.

Your #marketing #strategy is a joke and that's why the majority of the #content here is shallow and akin to #spam. 3000 users in 6 months and you expect 5 mil by June or July?

Time to either quit or hire someone who knows what they are doing in marketing, a hype person for onsite promotion through content competitions and challenges to liven things up and promote organic meaningful content.

You obviously have no clue, just a vague idea for a #SocialMedia site, but no other skills or an idea how to make it happen.
At this rate [christopherkramer.10] will not be able achieve any of the #goals he's s


I want to make sure the team sees this as well zackrspv Dallyboy bejodohmen nick.ds patrick.habig

ericetlafindumonde I left off some of our other team members, developers, technical resources

your smug reactions proves my point. You don't have the emotional intelligence to earn the respect or trust needed to succeed.

That the whole team?

200 new users in 3 month which have registered on Hive isn't much

I upvoted your post not to suggest that Chris quit his post because i disagree but to publicly show that i too think that time is running low and effort on users adoption seem to be little to non existent.

What exactly does this post show?

ferris It's the bottom two sections of the forums page and the rep is found on the Somee Hive account where you can see through checking the downvotes on Chris' posts that Hivewatchers is looking closely at the plagiarism that's become a problem. I've also just noticed that Chris linked to a new Hive account, which is what he should have done from the start. See, it's unethical for Chris to scavenge the profits by using the SoMeeOfficial account where the free minted sme was only supposed to be used to fund the pro packages, not for his personal gain.

notconvinced I’m mainly asking because I can’t read What’s in the picture. Where do you get the information from?

It's pretty self explanatory if you 1. read the points in the image 2. Know something about the site that you like to defend.

notconvinced Ok. Thanks for letting me know.