You can now have a 2-way voice chat with Top Model clone, Victoria AI at

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You can now have a 2-way voice chat with Top Model clone, Victoria AI at

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het, thats something. thats good. now find a way to offer the to poeple ---that are not--- on somee/twiter/telegram to - learn that there is a plateform named somee where they can get acces to that fonction.

christopherkramer.10 Hang tough Chris, keep re-loading!!! Intestinal fortitude separates those that are tough and those that are not. And toughness can be measured in many ways. Many more innings to be played in this game!!! Ron

Lol, you latch on to failure it seems...

christopherkramer.10 you are doing great indeed when you're a leader all this are bound to happen hope you find strength in all this!

Dude, you're so fake

First off, it's a retarded feature that no one wants and can't be used for onboarding. Second, I see nothing in this comment that's demeaning to SoMee or @christopherkramer.10, so I'm not sure what he's criticizing below. Dudes a turd and a fake, so why you still using this shit hole called SoMee?

Exactly what is it that you expect the users to do? Why recommend SoMee to others, when it's a complete joke and they'll just leave anyway? It is you that must set up a winning platform and push for success, not the users. To project onto others shows you possess a shady character that is quite transparent. It's no wonder your Influencers(3rd rate ones that can't bring anyone in) can't even onboard their followers.

Lol, seems like your ideas are a total failure. Keep up the good work turd, because your best is not only not good enough, but a failed idea that's led to 3 failed platforms with zero evolution of tactics. If you refuse to grow, you are doing everything, BUT your best...

This would be amazing, i guess i would give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Hi christopherkramer.10

Keep doing what you're doing. We do acknowledge the hard work you and the team are putting in. Let us know, what we can do.

Also, this showed up in my YouTube shorts feed the other day. We should put it out as an announcement for the community to watch, like, and comment to help it go viral. Only one comment and 7 likes so far. We can do better than that:

You're an idiot!