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Hi friends, I don't know how to start this, I really want to apologize to everyone, for my huge mistake in one of my publications who the fellow @jaguar.force doing his job very well, found my mistake obviously nothing is hidden inside this platform and I ask again APOLOGY, I didn't really do it for being a bad person, I entered a mental breakdown and didn't know what to post and well... I know it was very bad what happened, but we are human beings and we are here to learn from our mistakes, I understand that many were even disappointed with me, for this terrible mistake of plagiarism, I also want to apologize to my brother @acido1120 who was also harmed by my mistake, I also want to clarify that @emp2-00com has nothing to do with this problem, it is just a community that supported me and was harmed. If I accept that I work with them, and that now they have fired me for my mistake and the worst thing has not been that, it is to lose the confidence that they gave me, and all those communities that supported my trajectory, but there is always time to reflect and change,

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I feel very sorry for all this terrible event, I want to apologize and promise that something like this will not happen again, and I hope again to gain your trust, I know that it is very difficult after a serious fault like this, God what a pity, I do not find where to put my face, but MY MOST SINCERE APOLOGIES