The first NFTs to foster mutual aid.

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NFTs are a great way to thank donors by giving them something unique to keep in exchange for their gift. Does it concern you a bit that people are spending millions of dollars on digital art, pixelated heads and monkey drawings that can be copied by selecting and saving the image? NFTs to fund non-profit organizations combine the collectible fun of NFTs with the funding of the common good.

Don't miss out on your chance to own a prosocialise NFT of the very first collection. Collection 0 has 9 unique NFTs. All of the funds of the first sale go directly to Prosocialise Foundation, and 1% royalty after that.

Our work involves three main activities: advocating mutual aid by inspiring empathy and responsibility for our fellow humans, organizing free collaboration networks that facilitate meeting each other's needs as a community and teaching others to foster mutual aid too.

Why is this so important? "A hammer can be used to build a house or to kill" What matters is intention. Technology such as cryptography is empowering everyone more and more but it also is empowering psychopaths too. That is why we must also be fostering empathy, always. "Cypherpunks write code" and good people foster mutual aid.

Among other activities we create content, write daily to influential people, speak with public administration, manage FCNs and online communities, reach out and coordinate others that are fostering mutual aid, organize global meetings both in English and Spanish to guide people in developing these skills, collect information to help foster these values, organize links to FCNs all over the world, and more!

All the funds collected only get spent on creating more content and disseminating it, upkeep of our website, paying mandatory insurance, financing other fundraising activities, organizing events, maintenance of our office and travel expenses to give talks.

Once contributing to society is valued again having one of these NFTs will be a greatly respected medal of honor, a special collector's item. Don't miss out!

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