Voyager Station World's First Space Hotel Will Commercially Available By 2027.

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After Elon Musk SpaceX announcement of sending travellers into space. Space turisom industry flourished. A Space construction company Orbital Assembly Corporation announced that they are going to build a commercial Hotel in space .

The company also announced that the hotel Voyager Station will be operational by 2025 .

The space hotel constructed on low Earth Orbit and company simulated Artificial Gravity inside the hotel. Simulated Artificial Gravity differentiated the hotel from International Space Station. A giant wheel with 24 modules connected by Elevator Shafts which will rotate to generate Artificial gravity equal to the level found on Moon surface.

The hotel consist of 11600 square meter habitable space and also have the features of Cruise Ships like luxury Vilas, hotel suits,gym,restaurant and bar.

According to company the hotel consist of 44 emergency return vehicles with automatic flight control and automatic landing facilities. All tourists can perform normal body function as they usually do in Earth because of simulated artificial gravity.